Friday Feature

Woohooo!! It’s Friday, I’m off the 9-5 grind and I’m happy…it’s been quite a week for me so I really need this weekend to re-group.  Well today I’m going to introduce you to the artist behind the beautiful Head Planter I posted a couple days ago.  If you missed it – click here.  Cynthia Edwards is a self-taught crafter who had a vision and went for it.  Two years ago she made her first head planter by cutting a hole in a doll’s head and giving it a faux metal painting.   She knew she wanted to take her creation to a higher level and in March 2014 she began making her new line of  head planters.  Her motivation was: first  she loves head planters and second: she wanted more of them. She lucked up and saw an ad for a company going out of business and had lots of items listed.  She decided to go and low and behold they had mannequin heads, although, they were not mentioned as being for sale, she immediately envisioned them as head planters.  So with her vision and belief that people would love them, along with her hubby’s blessing they contacted the owner and settled on a price – and the rest is history. She got all the other supplies needed on a wing and a prayer (Lol – which I’m sure we’ve all been down that road) and started making them and that’s how her little business was born.

Cynthia says her inspiration varies and could come from a suggestion, a color , plant, a flower, or even an animal she sees.  She also says  there are times when she’s working on a piece, a thought will come to her on how it should look, and her imagination simply takes control.  But in the end, the head tells her yes or no, sometimes they even seem to have their own ideas and she just goes with the flow.  Here are some of her latest creations..

This fiery creation is called “Flame”


This burgundy beauty is called “Pothos”


The exotic beauty here is “Nerida”


The copper beauty is “Dulcina”


She’s called “Queen of Hearts”  (and I see why)

(this is an oopsy… I don’t have her name)

Meet “Queen Bee”  🙂

This lovely lady is “Alvara”

Madame butterfly is called “Belle of the Ball”

This majestic lady is called “Honey”

and saving the best for last is “Ms. Laroux Lagniappe”

When she’s not in her shop creating these beauties,  she loves spending time with her family, gardening, being online with her gardening club, beading, painting other forms of art, making furniture and reading.  In other words – this is one very busy lady!! For sure!! She shows her work on gardening sites that she’s in and they have been selling by word of mouth. If you’re interested in ordering one, she’d love to hear from you.   You can find her on Facebook or email her at:

I truly hope you enjoyed meeting these lovely ladies and invite one into your home.. Until next time.. I hope you all have a Fabulous weekend!!   Smooches

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