A Smoothie Sunday

Where did the weekend go!!  Uggghhhhh… blink my eyes and Monday is here…Today I have a cleaning project to take care of and needed something quick for my stomach this morning.  We visited the farmers market yesterday and I bought some fruit.  So why not a smoothie…  Of course there are a gazillion smoothie recipes.. well here’s a gazillion and one 🙂

Pineapple-Mango Smoothie

2 cups cut pineapple

2 cups cut mango

1 4oz Activia peach yogurt

1 cup of ice

1 cup orange juice

2 tblspn Agave Nectar

Put all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth..

Pour into your cutie glass – add straw.. and sip and go!


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday because Monday comes fast!!  Smooches!!

6 thoughts on “A Smoothie Sunday

  1. How about where did the summer go. Can you believe it’s already August? I am in shock that August is here and summer is soon to be over. This just sucks. But in the meantime, I can definitely enjoy making this smoothie :). I am definitely thinking about making this, this weekend while enjoying the sun :).

    Kia / House of KTS

  2. Love your recipe. Would you believe I was drinking a smoothie when I logged on. I make smoothies a minimum of 6 days a week….seriously, it’s my religion. Love the glasses too! Perrrrfect!

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