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You ever see someone with something and you wish you had bought it too?  Well that’s what happened when my sis came with her Enid Collins bag. It was the perfect tote bag for her tablet, cellphone, mp3 and cords (her electronics carryall vacation bag).  She bought the bag from a man who came by the I2I 49-Mile Yard Sale we had back in June. He had a bunch of vintage purses his grandmother owned and he wanted to sell them.. She and I zeroed in on the same bag, but I told her to go ahead – especially since she saw him first.  Well I forgot all about it and when she walked in with this bag.. I said “boy is that a nice bag”.  This is her Enid Collins bag.. it’s from her Garden Theme collection.   These bags are handcrafted and made in America in Texas and each bag has its own personality.  You can read more about Enid Collins and her bags here.

Could you believe she scooped this beauty for $20.00  ..  in absolutely great condition.

At this point I knew what I wanted to buy with my gift card I won two weeks ago from Elle at Splendid Habitat.  After searching for about 2 hours on Ebay and Etsy and wanting buy about 20 of them.. I narrowed down my purchase.. I’ll call it my Enid Coach bag 🙂  .. But seriously its from her Carriage Collection.

I love the stage coach look (kinda like Cinderella’s carriage)

These bags are so darling.  We love how they are painted and then jeweled to capture the details of the designs.  These bags have very sturdy bottoms made of wood.

Of course they’re not your everday use bag.. but they sure are excellent for that occassional use..and when you want to look a bit fancy.. and if you’re toting modern day electronics in these gorgeous beauties, it really makes a vintage fashion statement.

We are very happy with our new bags.. It’s definitely a “Twinsation” going on here..


Don’t we look happy!!


What’s your take on these bags… or  do any of you have an Enid Collins bag?  If so .. do share your picture with me.. I’d love to see it..

I created a Pinterest board of a few favorites I found.. click here to see

Until next time.. Smooches!



6 thoughts on “In the Bag

  1. I was lucky enough to find two of these bags over the years and sold them in the shop. I’m waiting to find one with a poodle on it! I remember women carrying these. They are fabulous! You are trendsetters.

    • Hey Ginene! Wow.. I’m really digging these bags.. It was so hard trying to decide which one.. Now I’m on the prowl for a couple more.. So I’ll definitely be hitting some more estate sales. Do you have pics of the ones you had in the shop

      • You know how it is, Kim, one gets a new computer and all the pictures are gone forever…I saved family pictures on a flash drive when I got the new PC, but I can’t get them to open. I’ve got to figure that out one of these days.

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