Road Tune

I really wasn’t planning to post today, but I was traveling down the road (getting off the grind) and this came on the radio…and next thing I know.. I’m bopping my head, tapping my feet turning the volume up to listen to this song and loving this tune.  Now you know how much I love music and the old Motown classics are so fantastic.. the beat, the lyrics, the sound all makes for good listening music.  I’d not heard this and said to myself “WOW”.. I really like this .. and just wanted to share.

So while I’m cruising and enjoying this tune, thoughts of the sixties popped in my head.  The style of fashion, home decor and how life in the 60’s was like.  After posting about the whimsical beautiful Enid Collins bags, I’m kinda wanting another one, but I want to catch one at an estate sale rather than online.. and you know that’ll be just like trying to find “A Needle In a Haystack” lol.. I’m on the hunt for either of these two..  (because you know how much I love flowers)

and you know how slow I can be with things… heeeheeeheeee

Ok, so… , I’m just going to share a few sixties images that caught my eye for your perusing pleasure as you’re sitting there reading this, tapping your feet and bopping to the music. I’ve always loved the Supremes style of dressing – they were such a “class act”

Home decor back then had clean straight angles..  A classic mod-style and do you see the price of this entire set….Oh my goodness!!!! WOW!!! (and this style has made a great comeback – thanks to Madmen)

Here’s another cheerful living room that is absolutely mod-fab (I could definitely see me living here.. do you see those lamps and chairs!!)

Notice how this design style has made a comeback (the polka-dot walls)



So can you imagine, listening to this song, wearing your mod outfit, headed to your glamorously decorated 1960’s ranch style home, riding down the highway in this..

with the top down  ..

We caught this guy riding in his car (the same day we were stepping out with our Enid Collins bag) and he was so nice to let us photograph his car.  Shouting out a big  “Thank you” to the nice gentlemen 🙂


I hope you enjoyed my “Throwback to the Sixties” moment.. Until next time Lovies… smooches.!


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    • Hey Veronica! You are so right! I totally enjoyed hearing that toe-tapping tune..When I played it for my mom she definitely remembered it and was happy to reminisce on it. (made her smile heeeheeeheee)

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