The $1.00 Frame

Good morning and Happy Thursday! For those who watch- it’s the season premier of Scandal – so Gladiators get ready  🙂  wooohoooo!!!  So I’m keeping this short and sweet.. I’m so satisfied with my $1.00 frame from The Big Grab last week and I wanted to share my art that I framed in it.

A few months ago I found this original watercolor painting on Chairish and purchased it.  The artist painted it on hot press watercolor paper and I simply fell in love with the soft hues, gentle strokes and not to mention, the sheer beauty of the woman she painted.  I have to admit, lately I’ve been eyeing watercolor art  and I was very pleased when I found this piece.  (Isn’t it amazing how our taste changes as we get older)…

$1.00 frame7

On the reverse side of this particular painting are tile patterns inspired by the Azulejo ceramic tiles the artist fell in love with on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. So it’s like I got two paintings for the price of one.

I tested my art in the frame it was slightly smaller than the opening.. So it would need another matte.  However, I wasn’t prepared to take it to get a matte.  So I decided to spray the cardboard a glossy black to create the black matte.  I used two small pieces of double-sided scotch tape to adhere the picture to the board (I didn’t want to use glue just in case I want to switch it around) and here’s how it looks framed..

I think it looks pretty good in this frame with the color contrast

The picture really pops on the black backdrop.

One thing for sure, it doesn’t look like a frame you’ll get at the Dollar Store for $1.00 and it finishes off this area quite nicely.

Don’t you just love when good bargain works out perfectly – Now I wish I would have gotten a couple more.. Oh well.. I blew it.. But glad this one didn’t get away.

Now you all enjoy your day and have a wonderful evening.  See you back here in an few days!

Tah-tah lovies!

6 thoughts on “The $1.00 Frame

  1. Kim, I love your inventive idea! The watercolor is a beautiful rendition. I wish I could paint that well. Are those elegant swags on the drapes beads? I’ve never seen that before. I shouldn’t be surprised, you always come up with something unique.

    • Hey Ginene! Girlfriend I tried my luck at watercolor painting and needless to say it looked like a kindergartener drew i gave that up real quick..but i sure am taking a strong liking to watercolor paintings. And ahhhh yes,, you noticed those.. they are beads in the swags.. i hung them over the panels..i got them years ago from JCPenny, but I made the panels myself.. It was pure luck how they turned out..

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