My Big Grabs


This past weekend was The Big Grab Yard Sale and I had the most enjoyable time looking for bargains.  There were soooo many vendors – people selling sooooo many things.. OMG!  I was completely amazed at what I saw.  I’m not going to go on about the sale, but if you ever get a chance, it’s worth doing.  I will show you the goodie grabs I saw and the ones I came home with (as if I needed more.. good grief.. my husband is going to strangle we just cleaned out the garage – aye yai yai…  :-/

Ok.. first off.. this was my big score. I was totally, totally happy when my eyes spied this set.  

I’ve been wanting a wooden salad set but they’re so I just gave up the desire, and made do with what I have..But NOW – I’m a salad making, salad eating happy camper.. If you remember, I lucked up and scored a salad spinner a few months back for $2.00 (Yippppeeee!) (and the best part, it was never used.. wow.) It was tagged for $15 but I got it for $12.00 (are you cheeesin’ like me?)

There was a vendor who had a box of frames with mattes and they were all $1.00, couldn’t let that pass me buy, so I got this one.

Mom got this one for her cruise picture.. (I put her picture in it for her – she couldn’t wait to get it in the frame 🙂 –  looks pretty darn good especially for $1.00

Next up.. I’ve been needing one of these too.. so for $5.00 – it came home with me.. (my next – do it myselfer fixer upper – to make it pretty)

I need these like I need a hole in my head.. more music..but I couldn’t pass these up.. 7 cds for $10.00 (there were so many to choose from – so I had to narrow it down)

A good score I picked up for my brother – $15.00 ( YES!! $15.00).  He needed a TV stand so badly (I dare not even mention what he had his flat screen on – all I could imagine was it falling over.. yikes!!),  but again – way too expensive in the store.  So, this here baby was truly, truly a blessing for him.

This cute frame was being thrown away..Luckily I was standing there when the woman said toss it.. I couldn’t snatch it quick enough.. (could you imagine.. )  this will make a really cute mirror and it’s a perfect size to put in my office..

This one house had a few chairs out and I just walked up and was was looking at them.  They were tagged for $5.00 – not bad at all for 5 bucks.. but I didn’t need another chair to work on.. so as I began to walk away, the guy said.. listen.. take both of them – I told him naww.. I don’t need another chair..he said “no – I mean take them.. you can have them..!  I was like – WHAT!!  are you serious…he said yes.. I’ll help you load them. OMG.. I shook my head.. I mean- really?? can I get this lucky with the lottery as I am with But anyway, I couldn’t get both in my SUV but I did get one.. this one..

I left this one behind… regretfully.. but oh well..- I feel like Ike in “What’s Love Got to Do With It”.. what I’mma do with one more chair..- lol


These pretty pink/green plates and napkins –  $3.00  –  they’ll come in handy for sure..

This planter was a whopping $0.50 cents.. How dare I walk away from this.. – unheard of

A lion’s head  – no way would I leave this behind.. yea it’s pretty beatup and rusted.. but so what..(that’s just a quick spray of paint for a new look)

And last but not least.. I spent my last $0.50 cents on this. The seller had a big collection of SL Cookbooks and was letting them go for  .50cents (I wanted them all but I did mention last $0.50 cents) lol… thank God for small favors..

S00000.. that’s all folks.. that sums up all my purchases for this fun event.. I can’t wait till next year..!

Now.. let me just show you a couple of good bargains I left behind..

I really liked these bird pictures.  They were matted in a black lacquer bamboo frame.. He had a set of 3 for $40.00.  (I’ll regret I left them later)

This desk and chair set was $20.00  – perfect for a dorm room

This USA pottery planter was $8.00 (I’ll regret this one too)

3rd regret…. this Beehive Pitcher.. smh… lift foot- insert kick..

So there you have it.. MY BIG GRABS at THE BIG GRAB..  If you’re interested in attending it.. they have this event every year – first Friday and Sat in September –  and remember the I2I-49 Mile Yard Sale is the first Friday and Saturday in June.  Hope to see you at one of them!  In the meantime.. go hunt and find your next big grab and don’t forget to holla at your girl and keep me posted!    Smooches

13 thoughts on “My Big Grabs

  1. Getting caught up with my reading finally. These are great finds. Love that lion head planter. If the paint doesn’t work out on it, I brought some great silver and metal cleaner referred by “BemyguestwithDenise” called Wrights Silver Cleaner and Never Dull, and I swear it works great! Just a FYI. Going hunting with you is on my wish list!!!

    • Great to see you back Linda! Yea, that planter was definitely one that I was happy to snag.. It’s got a few tiny rust holes so I’m just gaoing to give a quick paint makeover and be done.. (I’m sure the cleaner would really be the right thing to do, but since it has the little holes the value is shot.. so, painting wouldn’t be a bad thing) but- I’m glad you introduced me to a new cleaner – I come across lots of silver that needs cleaning. Also, believe it or not.. Toothpaste does a great job too

  2. Gurl,
    You did great and you must have a huge basement or garage for storage. Makes me want to take out my wooden bowl set and shine it up.

    I keep saying I’m going to that garage sale but for 5 years haven’t made it yet – awww maybe next year!

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