Friday Finds

Happy Friday folks!!! It’s been an exhausting week for me so I’m truly embracing this weekend.. I hope you all are doing well.  Last week I tagged along on another golf trip with my husband and you know what guys… It was another fantastic trip of me finding great deals out there.  If you recall my last tag-along trip I found my beautiful Culver glass barware (still jumping for joy over that!), well this time I found some more goodies.. the only problem was I couldn’t fit them all in the truck.  Let me start by saying on my first stop I spotted this brass etagere.. That’s when I felt really, really and literally sick to my stomach when I realized I couldn’t get this home with me.  Talk about meditating on an object.. I was trying hard to figure a way I could take this apart and get it home with me.  For $39.98 I was hot mad.. Grrrrrrrr….It’s truly another piece that will haunt me.  It was a good solid structure and very heavy. The glass shelves were thick and the brass was sturdy.  It did need some cleaning..but nothing Barkeepers Friend can’t handle..  It’s times like this that I realize I need to travel in a U-Haul…lol


Found a pair of barstools for $30.00/pr (and they swivel)


This here was a perfectly good chair and the fabric was in great condition.  I liked the faint chevron pattern, but I wasn’t too big on the legs, however, for $14.00 I could learn to like them.


Came across this picture for $5.00


Here’s another ottoman for $18.00.  I did like this one but had no place for it..


This chair & ottoman set was very comfortable, although it could use some cleaning.  All in all the fabric was good condition and for $45.00 ( it’s workable)


I totally loved this screen!  If only I had a place for it – it would have made it in the truck


This pair of contemporary lamps did make it home. They’re perfect for my son’s home and they were only $30.00 for the pair..


and lastly.. this wasn’t a bad looking chair and for $29.00 – well worth the price


I’m totally astonished what I find out here at such great prices.  Even though I couldn’t bring them with me, I just chalked it up that it’ll be someone else’s blessing.  Not everyone can afford new, but it’s great to see people can find good furniture to decorate their home on a dime.   I hope you liked my thrift finds and wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Until next… Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home !!




3 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. I like that blue chair and ottoman! I can really relate to what you’re saying about leaving things behind. I once bought a really old life-size concrete/stone stag that was covered with moss and lichen for 25.00 at an auction. I had to leave it there as I couldn’t budge it, much less get it in my truck.
    It still hurts me.

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