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A couple of months ago I received a very special package in the mail.  It was so funny when I received it because I hadn’t recalled ordering anything.  To my surprise it was a package from my cyber/blogger friend Ginene over at Fox and Finch Antiques.   If you recall, she also joined the Handcrafted Home Blog-Hop and did a fabulous gold leaf project.  A while ago we spoke about turtle shells and she remembered me saying I liked them and would love to have one.  This is where the special part comes in and touched my heart.. She had the opportunity to get one and remembered our conversation and sent one to me.  Of course I was totally shocked and surprised about receiving the gift, and I can’t thank Ginene enough for her thoughtfulness.  We haven’t had the chance to meet in person, but through our blogs we feel as if we know one another..(like kindred spirits floating in cyberspace connecting) because of  common interests.  Some people may think we’re crazy for admiring the shell of the turtle/tortoise but we thought they are beautiful pieces of God’s creatures.   She enclosed a very special note and expressed how she was  looking forward to seeing what I do with it or how I would DIY it some kind of way.  I had the shell sitting on my mantle for a while admiring the beauty and just being thankful and feeling blessed to have had a person who thought so much of me to send this gift (sniff, sniff).  Then an idea came to me on how to use the piece of artifact  in my home.  I did not want to compromise the detail of the shell by painting it but I just simply wanted to make use of it in a unique way.


Of course I could have hung it on the wall, but I flipped it over and peeped this tiny little hole and wondered what was it for (I didn’t recall seeing it before).. then it dawned on me what I could use it for.. my incense holder..  As I grabbed one I thought “Please let this fit, please this fit.. and sure enough.. it fit perfectly..



It catches the all the ashes, and holds it at the right burning angle.


I could not dare to bring myself to add paint to this.  Some things are better left alone…. and this falls into that category for me.  I did think to gold-leaf the inside but since I’m using it as my holder, no need to do that because I’d have to rinse the ashes away.


I also thought it could be used in the guest bathroom to hold hand towels. It’ll definitely be a unique piece


I’m sure more ideas will come to mind and it’ll be floating around the house in different locations serving different purposes.


But for now.. I’m happy using it as my Exotic Incense Holder... It’s just perfect and I’ve been needing something better to hold them.  Do you have any other suggestions to use it for?


I’ve always said how glad I am to have started this blog, because it’s connected me to some wonderful people whom I’d probably would have never had the opportunity to meet.   Although this post is about the shell, but the real beauty of it is the friendship that is shared.  If you haven’t visited Ginene at her blog, please drop over and say hello … the warmth of her blog will make you feel at home.  Once again, Thank You Ginene for the special package and for being the beautiful person you are.   I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’m wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.  If you’re traveling,  may God bless you with safe travels and a joyful time with your loved ones.  Until next time Lovies – Stay sweet!








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  1. Oh my gosh, what a special surprise post! I would never have thought of using the shell as an incense holder or as a vessel to hold other things. Our internet friendship was from day one, you are right, and I felt a friendship bond with you even though we are so many miles apart. I’m thankful for you, Kim!

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