The Victorian Charm – Pt2


Hey Guys! Woohoo – it’s Friday and I’m sooooo looking forward to the weekend.  I know you may think I have forgotten all about the continuation of the Victorian Charm – but I haven’t.  I’ve just a bit behind on things and am finally catching up with myself (well actually trying to catch up.. sometimes I feel like a hampster on the wheel – always running but going nowhere).   If you recall, I gave a partial tour of the home of my dear friend Jan.  She and her husband, Terry, have the most darling “Painted Lady” completely decorated to reflect the Victorian charm of the home.  If you’re new here or just want to recap the previous tour, you can do so here:  So without further adieu, grab your morning java and snack let’s finish the fabulous tour.  We’re headed upstairs to the guest bedrooms and bath to take a peek around and see all the eye candy in store: I’m not going to do a lot of writing because it’s going to be a picture overload.. I’ll let the ooooos and ahhhhhs do the speaking. In bedroom number one, the color of robin’s egg blue on the walls set a cottage romantic atmosphere in this room.  The custom-made drapery and bedspread along with the tufted headboard were created by  Jan, but it was her husband who picked the fabric (dynamic duo).  The rest of the room is decorated with thrift store, auctions, and yard sale finds.


I immediately fell in love with the tufted bed.  It belonged to her parents and has been with her ever since their passing.



In keeping with the era of the home, each bedroom has a vanity


Across from this bedroom is guestroom #2  (Green Envy)  She scoured countless thrift stores, antique shops, yard sales and auctions finding the right decorative pieces to fill each room.



I love these antique hand painted bedside tables.







Behind the door at the top of the stairs is the guest bath



We’ll head downstairs to tour the master suite and kitchen:


Each bedroom she created custom window treatments with coordinating bedding.



Connecting master bath


her dressing room


Up next is the kitchen


Isn’t this a beautiful chandelier



janhouse21Well this completes the final tour inside the Victorian Charm aka “The Painted Lady”


and on my way out the door Sydney -the cat- was waiting there to get his picture taken


I hope you enjoyed the tour of these ever-so lovely charming Victorian Home.  Thank you Jan and Terry for sharing your home with us.  This home is another fine example of how thrifting your house into a home can be fun and fabulous!  As always, happy hunting!  Until next time –









6 thoughts on “The Victorian Charm – Pt2

  1. Oh my goodness, Jamala. Where do I begin…
    The opening picture took my breath away. The white shutters behind the bed is such a sweet touch. I’ll have to make note of this. Each room…I can only imagine the rich history of the home; the lives lived. Such cherished memories. The home looks like it smells like warm cider and English roses 🙂

  2. Thank you to Jan and Terry for letting us look inside a home we would never have a chance to see if you hadn’t brought this display to us, Jamala. And, you know we all walk or drive by and wonder what is inside these houses. I enjoyed seeing the layout of the house and the big windows and beautiful stairway. The chandelier shows the wealth that must have been enjoyed by the original owners…that glass isn’t run-of-the-mill by any stretch of imagination. I really like the stained glass window the couple put in the kitchen and I was pleased to see that collection of air brush 1940s prints used. I have been collecting them, but the walls are all as hard as a rock here and I hope to use them later in another home.

  3. Jamala, I’ve been waiting for this post after enjoying my first visit. I see why you were so excited to share this pink lady with us and thanks a whole bunch! I love every itty bitty antique heirloom! This home is magnificent! When is the sleep over??

    • Hey Marsha! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tour – I know I was a bit slow with apologies.. but it was definitely worth the wait.. And a sleepover sounds fantastic!! I’ll tell Jan get the Prosecco ready!

  4. Beautiful home; my favorites are the claw-foot bathtub and the rooster collection on the railing. Now Jamala if this blog thing stops working you might consider photography – great pictures.

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