14 thoughts on “Punch It Out!!

  1. I think the footed one you found is the best. Great shape. Well, personally I don’t drink (much) but I can remember (vaguely) what a Cosmopolitan could do to a girl and I say that anything really could happen if the punch bowl held Cosmos. Now, that is an option.

    • Lol.. Ok Ginene, I promise not to put Cosmos in the punch if you come (I wouldn’t want you on the table dancing with a lampshade on your head chuckles).. Joking aside, I’m glad you like the ones I chose.. I’ve been seeing so many out there and they were all quite lovely. I had to force myself not to get more.

  2. Your first one is so beautiful if I were a guest, I would be afraid to touch it. LOL
    Your second one; I got two as wedding gifts back in 1972 and might still have one buried deep in the basement. Thanks for the memory.

    • LOL! Thanks CJ, glad you like them.. Well since you’ve got two stashed, it may be time to unleash it and let the dipping begin! Besides, how about sharing a favorite punch recipe with us?

  3. Hi there! You BET punch bowls are hot! I remember when those bland dispensers started flooding the market and I wondered why on earth anyone would want those instead of a punch bowl! Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but so be it! The possibilities for punch bowls are endless beyond the serving of delicious sweet (and sometimes “high octane”!!!) concoctions!!! I have several and use them often. In fact, I have a gorgeous crystal one that I have filled with pine cones and Christmas orbs in our library this year! So, yes…bring on the punch bowls! You are smart to snatch them up because they will see a great resurgence I’m sure! Seriously…why would a person want to stand there waiting for punch to drip out of a spigot when they could ladle up a monster serving with the mere flick of a wrist??! Besides, there’s just something so refined about pouring punch from a ladle into a beautiful drinking vessel! Merry Christmas, and enjoy your beautiful new punch bowl sets!

    • Oh My Gooooodness!! Well hello kitty!!Alycia it’s so good to see you back in cyberland..(you’ve been missed) – You always did (and will) have the keen eye for table beauty – aka Tablescape Queen). You’re so so right about something more elegant in flicking the wrist to cop squirt..lol! so bring on the charm and cheers!!! Leave the gossip for the water cooler (dispenser style) and party around the punch bowl! Merry Christmas to you as well and enjoy your holiday! Great to see you back 🙂

    • Girl – get going!!! And I knooooow with your culinary greatness – you’ll definitely have a punch recipe to share…So come on – hit me up with your punch bowl social!

  4. I think a punch bowl social is a smashing idea! This retro one is gorgeous! I have only one but it’s a show stopper! Vintage with a patina!

    • Alright! Marsha thanks for the thumbs up! I would definitely love to see yours and how about hooking us up with one of your entertaining southern punch delights.. Texas style- baby!

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