30 thoughts on “Croissant French Toast

  1. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I’ve always wondered about cooking with coffee creamer. Clearly, you’ve made it work very well. Sounds absolutely delicious.

    • Hi Kimberly! I feel ya.. (i can clearly see having breakfast for dinner – especially when it’s this good and fast! thanks for popping over!

  2. Ooo, what a great idea! I would imagine this dish being light and airy with using the croissant. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m not a big breakfast person, but this sounds heavenly.

    • Oh most definitely they’re good any morning.. some mornings I want to go in late just to stay and make breakfast lol. But yes the coffee mate is great in this recipe..make a big taste difference. Enjoy and thanks for stopping over

  3. Yum! Now this is a recipe with my name all over it! I can’t wait to whip up a batch or two. You know I love anything French! Thanks love.

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