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guestroomWe are into our new year and I’ve gotten a jump on one of the room’s refresh.  Although I technically didn’t plan on doing anything to this room, however, a mishap caused it.  When I made the curtains for this room, I didn’t use a lining (big mistake).  Well after years of hanging, the sun did some damage to them.  I noticed it last summer and figure I would make it my winter project to make new ones.  My initial thought was to just make curtains, and you know how that goes.. the triple effect.. new bedding and new pillows.  Just changing out those three items gave the room a quick refreshing new look.  I loved the look of my previous curtains (a patterned top with solid bottom) and wanted to keep that look.  I picked a beautiful bold pattern that mimicked my favorite peacock. I was able to keep the trim that separates the two.


The large shams from the previous bedding blended with the newly made bedspread and I added two more matching shams.  To add a different texture I chose an ikat pattern for bed pillows and the center pillow is from made from the previous curtain fabric.


To mix it up a bit more I used some leftover fabric from the leopard chair for piping on the ikat pillows.  I love the bold look and besides, in my opinion leopard goes with everything.


Although I know it’s not a bedroom lamp, I kept it in here because I love it.  I got it from an auction for $10.00 (including the shade) and it looks great  – maybe one day I’ll change the shade but it’s not torn so I’m in no hurry.


At first I thought using a solid color bedspread would be boring, but contrary to my thought I’m so happy I went with it.


guest room19

I changed the rods because the darker finials did nothing for the new fabric.  The new rods with lucite finials gives it a lighter feel (small details we women notice..cause my husband wasn’t getting it).  If your eyes caught the painting, it’s one of my most valued pieces.  Years ago I was at a flea market and someone was selling original oil paintings. He had so many of them and they were all for great prices.   He gave me a good deal so I bought four of them.  Some may call my art a bit provocative, but I see it as beautiful artwork.


Now that I have a solid bedspread I was able to use a favorite faux fur blanket that had been tucked away in a storage trunk.  It looks perfect on the bed (I’m not always a matchy-matchy person so this added another pattern to the room)


Fur and feathers are my favorite textured decorating elements.


I’m a sucker for these vintage tin boxes.. I never have a use for them but when I see them I get them.  They’re usually hand painted with bright colors and sitting on a dresser or in a room they add an additional bit of color

guest room20For seating I brought in the french provincial chair.   I just love a beautiful chair makeover and it looks perfect in this room.  If you’re new here – you can see her makeover here.  The pillow was made from the leftover fabric as well.



I’ve had this antique satsuma cache pot for years and decided to add some greenery to it for the dresser



Even though it’s winter, I took full advantage of this refresh and did an overall spring cleaning.  From cleaning the windows, to dusting the ceiling fan blades to sweeping the walls – it’s all done.


When I first thought about choosing the fabrics for this room, I was really concerned about the outcome with choosing so many different patterns, but in the end I think it worked out just fine.  So I believe it’s mission accomplished and I think I’m ready to be a guest in my own


It’s something how just by switching out a few items you can create a different feel to the room.  Do you prefer mixed patterns  or have you started a room refresh?  If so, I’d love to hear about it. Remember beauty doesn’t have to be costly, so happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!






13 thoughts on “Guest Room Quick Refresh

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  3. Beautiful room Jamala! Loving all the ‘found” and vintage pieces like that amazing lamp for $10!!! I also love the painting! You guests will be lucky to stay in such an amazing room so much wonderful details!

    • Hey Glenda!! thanks lady!! Wouldn’t that be a great line-up – me following your show about fashion and style.. sounds like great “tune-in to prime time” show.. 🙂 (i love dreaming about stuff like that – because as you know very well know.. it all starts with a dream).. thank you for inspiring.

  4. I ADORE the drapes, Jamala. I have been admiring the way you used the tasselled trim there instead of on the floor. They are exquisite. Is it hard to make piping on the pillows? Do you have to use a special sewing machine foot for that? ~Ginene

    • Thanks Ginene! I was very happy to have been able to re-use the trim. It wasn’t easy picking out the right fabrics to go together, but after spending a couple hours in the fabric store it was well worth it. As for the piping on the pillows, yes, you have to use the piping foot for that. I really love how they came… and I still have a bit more of that leopard print so don’t be surprised if you see it again on a few more..chuckles..

  5. My oh my Jamala, this guest room looks like it belongs in a quaint B&B. I love how you created a relaxing and welcoming feel. The furnishings are amazing and to think you made these gorgeous curtains and bedding makes it more special. Beautiful!

  6. I’m ready to make my reservation. Beautiful. Stealing my heart with the draperies! Yes, acting as a guest in your own home sometimes gives you a new perspective on how your guest may feel. Pack a bag and take an overnight stay, you’ll love it even more. :-). I’m working on my tropical theme it’s slowly getting done. Once again, I love it all.

    • Thanks Linda.. You inspired me on how you mix-n-match patterns so well… I love how you accomplish an exquisite look with blended fabrics. I look forward to seeing your tropical theme room..I can imagine it’s going to be fantastic

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