$2.00 Tuesday

Hey Guys – It’s a New Year and and I have new items to kick off the $2.00 Tuesday Series.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted for this series, but it’s not been easy trying to find items worth sharing.. Although I have found a couple items, like these Pop/Fizz champagne flutes from Goodwill

They’ll be quite festive for our Lovers’ Day morning mimosas

When I heard of  George Michael passing, I ordered this Cd for $1.88 from my favorite go-to site for music Half.com.  I’ve always admired his music and was saddened by his death.  There was a song in particular I especially loved from this cd “FastLove” and I already had the single cd in my collection, but then I heard the song “Jesus to a Child” and it struck my heart.. I urge you if you don’t have this in your collection, it’s worth having.  If you’ve not heard it you can listen here.  I enjoyed every song on this cd.

I came across this wrought iron stand while passing a yard sale.  It was missing the top and the lady said to give her $2.00 (she broke the glass and didn’t want to replace it.. just wanted to get rid of it).. right up my alley.

It was great because I needed a stand for a cactus plant that’s growing like it’s on steroids – lol!  I could have kept it black but I thought gold would look best, so I gave it a quick spray with my favorite gold spray paint.

I had to remove a wood shelf in my office to accommodate my computer and I’m glad (the hoarder in me) saved the wood, because it was the perfect width to insert in the stand.  I just had to shorten it.  I also had marble contact paper left over from my favorite knock-off DIY Antler Tray  which I used to cover the wood piece.  The stand came together quite nicely – don’t ‘cha think?

I’ve been pricing marble top stands and they’re a bit pricey – so this worked out great to my advantage

I’ve had this plant close to 6 years and it’s just growing crazy, so I just let it do its thing.  The stems were touching the floor and it needed to be raised.

It was the perfect height and now it’s got more room to sprout.  I think the little table turned out just great for $2.00

Also buddy-blogger LindaG created a beautiful wine tasting centerpiece from a $2.00 burlap letter “G” she snagged on sale.  It was truly a bargain she couldn’t resist.

After seeing what she created – it’ll make you run to try to find one to create for yourself.

Isn’t it fab!!   So tuscany-chic – perfect for a wine tasting party or  just to showcase on a bar for outdoor entertaining..

Visit her blog to see how she created this look.  It all started with $2.00 and a vision!  It doesn’t matter how much it costs- it’s what you do with it.    For more inspiration, I wouldn’t want you to miss a post..plug in your email and you’ll get a friendly notification of a new post!  As always – happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!









13 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday

  1. The table turned put really great Jamala! You know I love all things marble.
    My grandma gave me a piece of her pencil plant years ago & it just did not take off. I wish it had, your’s looks amazing!

    • Hi Nikki!! Thanks.. Since you love marble – you definitely needs this around for projects – it’s fantastic. As for the plant.. give one another try.. they’re very easy and need the less care.. I water it maybe once a month (with very little water) One summer I had put it outside in a shaded area and it really took off.

  2. Oh heaven!! Finding all those goodies for just 2 dollars. I always get so excited when thrift shopping so yes, keep posting about 2 dollar finds!!! The plant table is out of this world, what a find and how beautiful you made it! cheers, Johanna

    • Thanks Johanna! I’m happy to hear you get excited when thrifting!there’s a world of goodies out there.. I’ll be posting as I see them..thanks for reading

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