Fantasy Living Room

Do you ever pay attention to pop up ads on different sites?  I happened to see one from Arhaus and clicked on to discover a new home interior decor site.   Their home furnishings are of impeccable style and exquisitely made.  Have you ever visited their site?  After enjoying my time of perusing their site I saw the company was started in 1986 with a passion to provide unique, high quality, well designed home furnishings. Their philosophy was to design their own products, search for the best manufacturer while controlling quality, and bring the furniture direct to its customers.  It was interesting hearing that Arhaus product developers travel the globe and work directly with skilled artisans to craft pieces that can only be found at Arhaus, to ensure that every piece meets high quality standards. They pride themselves by using Cherry, Elm and many other natural hardwoods, natural stone tabletops. and 100% organic cotton fabrics.   You all know I’m a vintage lover by heart, but, I’m going to be honest.. it’s been a while since I’ve paid attention to new home furnishings.   So, to tickle my fancy I decided to go shopping and create a fantasy Living Room.  I wanted something monochromatic with a bit of sultry touch.  First I chose a gorgeous tufted sofa, a mid-century inspired chair,  a beautifully crafted bench (instead of a coffee table) and lastly a hand-crafted mirror.


 1            2

 3    4

Added swanky light fixtures, along with a textured rug, end table and accessories to complete the look

5                       6       7

Then I chose a backdrop to feature my items and added the accessories to create my fantasy living room.   What’s your take on my fantasy living room?

I think I need to hit the lottery to get a bigger house to have different rooms accommodate my design moods 🙂    To learn more about Arhaus and see their entire inventory visit their site and enjoy the view.





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