Friday Finds

Woooohooooo– We made it through another week!! It appears old man Winter is really gone and now it’s time to get outside.  Things are rolling along from our March Madness and I can’t tell you how happy I am.  I’m just checking in with you about a few finds I came across.. I tend to think this particular post should be called $5.00 Fridays… (hmmm… $2.00 Tuesday –  $5.00 Fridays… sounds pretty catchy huh???)  Ok – s0 – moving right along..  I popped into a local antiques shop (J&J Antiques) and noticed this cute little stand.  The top looks a bit like leopard print (and you know I love the animal print), which is what caught my eye.

I hadn’t paid attention to the legs, until I got it home, and realized.. they’re women.. That’s when I liked it even more.. ..looks kind of exotic right??


Not bad for $5.00 – !!

I also got this Bombay Chinese ginger jar for $5.99 from Goodwill (it still had the retail price of $89.00 on the bottom) – Great SCORE!!  I’ve been seeing them around the world wide web and have been admiring them, so when I saw this one.. I snatched it up.  It’s a coincidence it matched the room.

I decided to switch things bit on the mantle , just by  moving a few things around.  If you recall, I got the brass candlestick holder for $5.00.  The green rose ball has been with me for years in the dining room, so I decided to move it here and flank it with other other finds.  The florentine gold candle holder (right) was found at Goodwill for $1.00 and the tall brass was just $3.00.

Simple changes gave it a lighter  look

Then while on a road trip back from Delaware, I was stuck in traffic so I asked Google to take me to the closest Goodwill Store and wouldn’t you know it, one was 15 minutes away.  Naturally I decided to take the detour instead of sitting in traffic.  I was so glad I did.. because I found another ginger jar.  Although not quite as big as the other, but the perfect size for the etagere, and it had a bit of Spring colors.  The colors blended just right for all my little collectibles.

For $9.00, I believe it was worth it, especially seeing how much they normally cost

I brought in the head vases I used for my Thanksgiving table for a quick re-style.

That’s pretty much all I have for my Friday Finds.  I’m always on the prowl looking for inexpensive decorative items to change the look of spaces.  As my motto is.. it’s the thrill of the hunt that gets me excited.  On another note, I did add a special touch to the guest room pillows.

And I recently won this cute little rustic tray from a contest at CasaWatkinsLiving.  I just added a small vase and some flowers for a cute display

I hope you’ve found some goodies out there.  Just remember, it’s not what it costs, but how you style it – to make your house into a home.  Happy hunting while you thrift your house into  a home!







6 thoughts on “Friday Finds

    • Hi Cindy!! Welcome !!I’m very happy to hear that.. It’s music to my ears when I read comments such as yours. Thank you so much for your compliment

  1. Both ginger jars are gorgeous and I really like the ostrich feathers in the head vases. I just thought of what your style of decorating could be called. I think it is 1920-30s Paris. And you had me at Paris.

  2. Ok…the side table with the oh so gorgeous “goddess legs” my mouth dropped open! Great eye on getting it, you didn’t see the legs until you got home? now that’s a surprise… 🙂 Love your mantel too. Love that idea, $5 Fridays. :-). Just wondering if you have a journal categorized with all of your great finds, pictures, dates, places where you found them, prices? Because you really find the best items!! Love it!!

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