Being Thankful


On this day, we reflect on the many blessings we have and continue to be thankful.  As I prepared dinner for my loved ones I thought about how there are many who don’t have a family to prepare a meal for, or who don’t have food to prepare a meal for loved ones.  Even though it was an exhausting endeavor, it was through the love I have for my family that gives me the unrelentless desire to prepare our thankful meal.  Initially, I was not going to set a dinner table thinking “Oh – why bother – we’re just going to eat and watch TV”.  But then after seeing  beautiful settings, and realizing my family deserves a beautiful setting, that prompted me to do a quick table setting.


So I scrounged around for things I already had in the house and created this quick setting.  Luckily, I bought the candle holders at a yard sale last weekend for twenty-five cents a piece and they were perfect.  The vase by the fireplace became the centerpiece and I picked some greenery from outside to create this simple tablescape.


When I stepped back and looked at the finished product, I had to say – “thank you God” for all you do for me and family.  We don’t have riches, but all that we do have – I am truly grateful for.


God knows I’ve been blessed to find such thrifty items to make our house into a home.  Do I feel under-privilege because I shop in thrift stores.. Nooooo.. Do I feel under-privilege because 99% of my items are used.. Nope  again… I’m just grateful that we have a house we made into our home.


Through this blog I’ve been blessed to have readers who enjoy my thrift stories, makeovers, and other tidbits of my life  that I love to share.  Today and everyday – I wish you all the happiness and many continued blessings that you’ve been thankful for.


So here’s to good eats and sore feets!  From my home to yours – Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


As I always say,  beauty doesn’t have to be costly.  Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!







11 thoughts on “Being Thankful

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  2. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you and yours. So pretty. My family has grown with such magnitude, we no longer sit around the table. Not enough seating. Now we spread out throughout the entire house. Sit where you may, is the philosophy.

    • Thank you Glenda! Yea that’s pretty much how it goes on our end. But it always seems the ladies are at the table and men are in the Family/TV room.. it’s where they prefer to be.. Oh well.. gotta love them

    • Thank you April! Yea those plates are pretty cool. I’ve been searching for more like them.. I found two at a yard sale and have been searching to find more. (a needle in a haystack – I know)

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