Aha! Moment

Hey Guys!! I hope you enjoyed the Spring Blog Hop….do you recall the gold leaf blog hop we did a few months ago? I gold leafed the rim on agate coasters, and just recently I was sitting at my dining table having a glass of wine, then I reached for one of the coasters and that’s when it dawned on me.. they’re too pretty to lay flat.  I went on line to google coaster holders and I realized all I needed was something with slide-in openings.  I looked around my house and found my antique silver toast holder.  I’ve had this tattered piece for evvva’ and was using it to hold mail.  Duuuhhhh… get that mail out of it and re-use it for your fab coasters.  I placed them in to see if they’d fit and sure enough — they did.

Yes, it’s badly tarnished, but that’s when ole’ barkeepers friend came to the rescue (again)

Time to display on the bar cart….

Now that they’re placed upward in the holder, you can see the beauty in the stone.  The pink Moroccan inspired glass was a candle and I couldn’t part with the jar so I re-use it as the wine cork holders

Have you gotten your bar cart ready?  If not, I hope this entices you to get it ready.

If it holds water, it’ll hold a plant, so I re-used the mosaic candle holder as an planter

My aha! moment turned out to be “thumbs up”

The monogram napkins.. yardsale find for $.50.  These glasses and coasters combination is my kind of glam!


Next item I chose to re-use is the last of my Murano glass swans. If you recall I used one from my display shelve as a dip bowl – which received several compliments.

So this one I chose to place on my vanity to hold my small collection of sunglasses

Now I have a go-to place to stash them and when I’m ready I simply grab a pair and go..

I’m pretty pleased with how I re-used/re-purposed some of my items.  So, tell me.. what have you been up to? Have you reused/repurposed an item lately?  If so, do share.  The weekend is approaching – whoohoo – and I hope you’ve got fun things planned.  Just remember if you’re out thrifting – Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!!





8 thoughts on “Aha! Moment

  1. Talk about an “aha” moment! The coasters really stand out now! Your Bar cart is so stylish. love it. Hubby and I went vintage shopping for a bar cart yesterday. No luck, but still on the hunt. Your leopard cat just reminded me of how I repurposed mine and I would love share that story. Thanks Jamala.. what a great Aha Moment”

    • Thanks Linda!! I can’t wait till you find your bar cart.. I know you’ll have a ball styling it.. (check estate sales in your area – you might luck up there) .. and do share your story- I’d love to hear about it

  2. Jamala, I love the look and the idea of re-purposing your beautiful finds. This toast holder is to die for. Now you have me on the hunt for one.

    • Thanks Marsha! Happy hunting my dear – I know you’ll find it. and if by chance I come across another – it’ll have your name written all over it ..

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