7 thoughts on “Punch Bowl Social

  1. That looks like a very delicious meal. I like the idea of watching a documentary while hosting a get-together. I enjoy the conversations afterwards. By the way, I absolutely loved what Maxine Waters said in response to Bill O’Reilly’s rude comment. She chewed him up and spit him out when she spoke for all women. I didn’t know who she was before, but I am now a huge fan.

    • Hey Ginene!! Yes, that’s what’s so great about it, indulging in conversation.. It’s great to hear others points of views of the film. And yes! I heard what Maxine Waters said.. and I totally applaud her (Biil O’Reilly was such a jerk). She reminds me of a modern day Shirley Chisholm.. (setting them straight and no holds bar)

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