Leopard Binge

When I found the fabric for this chair makeover, who knew I would love it so much I’d want it around the house!!

I used it to cover some vintage books to display on the etagere

I made a pillow for Grace

My vanity chair received a lumbar pillow

The guest room french chair received a pillow

and the pillows  to match the custom bedding were made with the fabric as piping to accent the colors

I still had more to use so I decided to create some pillows for the family room.  I’ve been wanting to freshen the big brown bear (aka sectional) for a while by adding pillows.  The room hasn’t changed much since I received the area rug and quite frankly, it gets used so often, that I don’t put much emphasis in it anymore.

I came across this fabric and fell in love with it!  I had to have it somewhere in the house.  I originally wanted it for Grace but the pattern was too bold for small pillows

It’s by Schumacher from their chinoiserie fabric line.  The vibrant colors and lackadaisical drooping french tulips reminded me of a beautiful Spring bouquet.  The green, white and tan colors were perfect for the family room and pillows are the best go-to without breaking the bank.  The leopard piping mixed with the colors of the fabric was another perfect match.  Yes!  I plan to use every piece of that gorgeous leopard fabric.

I absolutely love them.  For an even flufflier feel – I stuffed them with down-filled inserts which made them so huggable.

I truly owe a big thanks to LindaG and Veronica Soloman for inspiring me to mix and match patterns and fabrics.  If you’re not familiar with them, I urge you visit their sites to be completely inspired.

sidebar note…. (why does this antler look like it’s giving me the finger –lol– in this pic)!!

To add to the leopard and white colors, I snipped a couple of my iris (which bloomed just in time and used a vase I already had 🙂   –  Just a simple change of  adding pillows brightened this space for a total cost of $12.00 (one yard of fabric $10.00 and two down pillow inserts – $2.00)

Now the big brown bear looks a bit softer… too bad hubby can’t squeeze in between the spaces and sit comfortably .. because after dinner he takes his pre-bedtime nap and they’re all tossed looking like a pillow fight every night…lol… But — it’s all good because at the end of the day, I just re-fluff and keep it moving..

He hates pillows..(as he puts it.. they’re in the way–lol..)   YEA—- WHATEVER  — but between you and me.. I’m glad he tosses them, because I sure don’t want him lying all over them.  So remember, if you ever have left over favorite fabric.. use it for other areas in your home.   Until next time – happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!








14 thoughts on “Leopard Binge

    • Hi Janice! That’s great to hear! Sounds fantastic! Do share when you do! I’d love to see it.. thank you for reading and glad you were inspired

  1. You did a great job on matching patterns, Jamala, and this post is a great illustration of how a neutral couch is the smartest buy. The quality of the tulip and leopard skin fabric is very apparent. I wish I would have ordered leopard skin fabric for the antique couch and chair instead of what I ordered and just received. I wanted two unique fabrics and I studied the fabric matching technique on-line. The fabrics do look great together but I’ll never use that fabric now and it can’t be returned, of course. It was described as cotton duck but it isn’t. I will find something to do with it just like you did. I saw a Louis Armstrong book on your coffee table and I wanted to tell you that I ordered a collection of 100 Louis Armstrong recordings on Amazon. What a great CD and I think it was 9.99. There are a lot of his early recordings on it and they are the best. The house looks so fabulous; you have totally nailed your signature style.

    • Hey Ginene… drats that sucks the fabric didn’t work for you… perhaps it may for another piece.. but eventually you’ll find use for it.. (you might could try to re-sell it online to try to recoup).. when i go to the fabric shop I try to always have pics of the item and try to imagine it on there.. (some of my tidbit advice).. it’s quite helpful. But on the other note – yes that Louis Armstrong book is awesome, it’s like art work on the table… the illustrations are excellent.. he’s one of my favorites… (another thing we have in common ?).. thank you lady for your compliment… it’s truly appreciated

  2. Loving it…The animal print can never be wrong. Yes, I agree I would use every scrap of that print. And for smaller pieces of scraps I use to do large covered buttons. Why you ask? Believe it or not, I use to sell them. A big glass bowl of beautiful covered buttons. Ya just never know what people will buy. 🙂 The pillows really look pretty on the big bear. Great print! Awesome job. (btw: the antler, stop it..that’s too funny)

    • I knew you’d feel me on this (you inspire the heck outta me?) ..huge thank you! (Lol..i see you caught my side note lol)

  3. You know the best designers say that every home should have a touch of animal print, and you pegged it! I especially like how you covered the books. I’ve never considered using fabric to do that. Now I have another project to try. Thanks a lot, Jamala! 😉

    Have a happy week!

    • Hey Alycia! I couldn’t agree more with the designers.. (I’m glad you shared that)? … I hope when cover your books you share your look (you know I’d love to see) .. and i wouldn’t be surprised if you kicked it up a notch and used them on a tablescape.. oh the possibilities you’d create!

  4. I am so inspired by your DIY and just remembered that when I was a party of two I used to have the same problem with pillows. I’m going to dust off my sewing machine any day now ’cause you just reminded me that I have one. LOL!

    • Yay- yay! Im happy to hear that.. yea girl.. so when I have a lot of company i have a big basket to put them in… please share your creations – i look forward… thanks for reading and your compliment

  5. Jamal’s, I say life is sweeter with animal print! I love the new pillows, they look so high end and for pennies! You are talented at the sewing machine. Your home feels (from my view) like a chic boutique! Love your style! Ladybug!

    • You are so right Marsha! A little walk on the wild side won’t hurt any home decor? thank you lady for your compliment

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