14 thoughts on “Punch Bowl Social: The Book Signing Event

  1. Jamala, how exciting and wonderful this act of community engagement, you ignited! Your little town is definitely blessed to have you. I love your Punch Bowl Socials. They are southern hospitality infused with love. Thank you for introducing me to Benilde. Keep the punch pouring.

    • Hey Marsha! Thank you – I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying them. It was a pleasure hosting this event and look forward to being able to do more.

  2. First time here and I am also a fan of Ms. Little books and waiting for her new book to hit my library. I lived in S.C for 13 years and never knew about your town and would like to know more.

    • Welcome Neti! I love new comers to my site.. I hope you enjoyed it and become a follower :).. I relocated to SC 13 years ago also.. whitmire is a small town near Newberry, Chester and Union. If you don’t mind my asking.. what part of the state are you located?

  3. I hate it that there’s only a “Like” button because this deserves a “GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!” Button!!!!!!!! Dang, girl! This I amazing! You asked her, and she came, and it all went down like vanilla pudding right there in l’il ol’ Whitmire! I am just blown away! This had to have been one of your best Houdini moments in life! I’m proud of you, and just tickled pink FOR you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on a fabulous event! Nice to see your Mom there, too. Not always easy, I understand. And for your son yo hang out with all that estrogen in the room…he deserves a cookie!!! Make that TWO cookies!!! ??

    • LOL!!! Alycia you tickle me.. thanks lady! It’s always great to see you stop by and comment! Hope all is well with you.

    • Hey Lady! I’m happy to hear your enjoyed the post (and the Punch Bowl Social).. I’m even more happy to hear you’re headed to a book signing!

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