$2.00 Tuesday

I know, I know.. I said “no more peacocks”!  But I couldn’t resist.  Cute little vases are always nice to have around for small flower clippings.    When I saw this  I  had to have it.

This hand-painted vase was so vibrant in color and I thought it would be very nice to have on the side table for a clipping of summer buds.  I created a small vignette on the spare bedroom nightstand.  It added a pinch of color to the space.

The vintage brass chinoisserie lamp was another Goodwill score for $3.00 (not incl the shade)

I found a grimy pineapple trivet and thought I could clean it up.  Well it was a bit too much work for me and not worth the 300% elbow grease it was taking to clean it up.. so I decided to give a quick spray of metallic gold paint and hung it by the front door..

Pineapples are appearing on all sorts of décor – from door knockers to quilts – the fruit symbolizes those intangible assets we appreciate in a home: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. So by placing it at the door it acts as a symbol of welcome and for $2.00 – who could resist??

My friend, Machelle Heyward of Capitol City Thrifters couldn’t resist this colorful basket she snagged while thrifting.

This basket is terrific and perfect for summer.  Baskets are all the rave (as if they ever went out of style- right??) and can be used for so many reasons.  From planters, to magazine holders, to towel holders.. the possibilities are endless.

Machelle loves using baskets in her home and this cutey is excellent to add to her collection

Thanks Machelle for sharing your $2.00 find and  I hope you remember.. It’s not how much it costs but how you style it.. As always – happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home.

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5 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday

  1. I LOVE Peacocks also and pineapples bring good luck. I have a few of those too. Love your site and thanks for sharing.

  2. Lady, this little vignette is so adorable. You better not have left this vase for some lucky one to Score! You find the best deals and you keep me in the thrift stores trying to one up you. Giggles! Thanks for sharing. Love the basket too.

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