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Hey Guys!  Summer is here and I’ve been doing a few things around the house.  I have project I can’t wait to share with you, but first I’d like to share my summer porch style and how I accomplished a cool look with thrift store, estate and yard sale finds to inspire you while thrift your house into a home. If you see rockers that are missing seats, as long as they’re sturdy, get them.. These rockers were scored years ago for $5.00 and they didn’t have seats so I DIYed them.. and they’re still holding up.  They were on the larger porch during the Spring Tour, but I had to move them to the smaller porch.

Pillows – When I come across colorful pillows – by all means- I get them!  All my outdoor pillows are thrift finds – including the Threshold gold/white in the rockers.

The pair of black mid-century tables were estate sale finds.   The macrame holder was found at a rummage store.

This is the completed look of smaller porch (prayerfully next year’s project will be painting the porches and brick bottoms…)

Stands and tables – they’re great for all my plants and I definitely need them.  I found this table at an antique mall and it was a perfect match for my rattan swivel chairs.

If you re-call I scored this rattan swivel chair at Goodwill for $20.00

I already had the mate from a previous yard sale score, so now I have a pair.  However, they were too big so I moved them the larger side and love the new look of the main porch.   I found two big coral pillows to fit the bottom and since it blended with the previous pillows I kept them as the backing for both chairs and added a couple more for comfort.

This is the Summer style on the main porch.

I’m so glad I had the shutters painted black. The dull reddish color never did appeal to my eyes.  Changing the chairs made a big impact on the new look and I love it.

My pineapple plant is continuously growing (but no sprout yet), and I’ve got another one recently planted in the pink dish.  I do love the way these become free plants.

The stems are so long I had to tie them up to keep them from drooping.

The lion statue peeks through the bushes

The indoor plants were brought outside and are doing very well.

I call it my “Bit of BoHo” style – kind of eclectic with a bit of mid-century flair and lots of plants.   Do you think one could ever have too many porch plants??

I figure as long as there’s room for me and KoKo to relax and catch a few summer breezes, I think we’ll be just fine.

I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of my Summer Porch and also hope it provided some inspiration to style your porch on a small budget.  As always, “Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home”





22 thoughts on “On the Porch

  1. Your porch looks good, I love all of your great finds. When decorating I have to remember that it is a process. I want to have everything and get it finished. Sometimes it takes a bit more time to find he right pieces to pull it together. Growing up my Mom and I hit the yardsales, thrift stores and estate sales every weekend.

    • Thanks Mimi! Yes, I always take my time because it seems like everytime I rush, I never find what I truly want and if so. it’s more than what I’m willing to spend, so I’ve adapted to the motto ‘patience is a virtue” I appreciate you stopping over.

    • Thank you! I usually luck up at the yard sales and estate sales. Every now and then I get lucky at a Goodwill. I hope you find a style you’re looking for. Thanks for stopping by

    • Thank you Eva, I appreciate you visiting and glad it gave you some inspiration. I hope when you finish yours you’ll share your new look that you love

  2. Living in NYC really makes you value having a porch and being able to furnish it with great pieces like these. I love the flirty, fun vibe of all the pieces, specifically the pillows and the wicker chair. Enjoy your porch season! Have a glass of vino for me! 🙂

  3. What a great look. I love all the color and designs and how well you put them together. We don’t have a porch in our current home and I totally wish we did. I would have stolen some ideas from you. The plans especially. I love plants!! And the gold on the flower pot just makes it look perfect! 🙂

  4. Your porch looks really cute. I love lots of plants on the porches. The bad thing is here it means daily watering because this Texas heat dries the boston ferns so bad. Question: We have so old patio chairs that have the black straps and they took cushions the chairs are in really good shape but the cushions were all faded. I am trying to come up with something cute to do with them the chairs besides covering the fabric lol.

  5. I love your porches! You have so many beautiful plants and the boho vibe is spot on. I could see myself rocking my troubles away in these thrifted rockers. To think you created this beautiful space on a budget is amazing. Thanks for the love of thrifting.

    • Thank you Marsha! Yes, it took a while for me to get it where I really love the look and am thrilled to finally have it accomplished. Thank God for thrifting.lol..

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