Finally!! The Pathway

Hey Guys!!  I know I’ve been a bit absent around the blog, but I’ve been working on a few projects and I’m so freaking excited to have a long awaited project completed.  For years I’ve been wanting a pathway up my backyard.  Everyone uses a particular path and getting grass to grow there just wasn’t happening.  So, I thought a stone pathway would look great, only I had no clue as to how to do it.  A few years ago, I had someone come and give me a rough estimate, but that was simply above my “pay grade”.   Finally!!! The moment has arrived and I was blessed with getting one.  It was a D.I.Y project I collaborated with  (I’ll call the path angel).  I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe it was happening. I know it might sound silly getting all excited over a walkway….. but you know,  sometimes it’s the little things that count.  The gentleman who spearheaded this project (Chris)  was truly a blessing.  He and I met over a year ago..through the sale of a sofa that I had stowed under my carport.  No one bought it from last year’s yard sale and shortly afterwards he saw it and came by wanting to get it. ..(who’d thought we’d become friends from there on lol). Anyway, he was telling me about his progress with his house and wanted me to come take a look.  I love seeing makeovers and changes so of course I went over.  I was amazed with his walkway and was asking questions about it.  He was explaining how he did it and I was soaking it all in.   The funny part was, he was laughing at how excited I was over the simple (so he called it) project while he had a much bigger project which is what he wanted me to see.  Ok,  so moving along… I was telling him how I’ve wanted one and  blah blah blah.. next thing I know he’s at my house outlining my path.   He clearly saw what I was talking about and agreed a path would look great.  The first step was digging up the dirt which was easy enough.  The next step was spreading a layer of sand (that’s when the lightbulb came on to take pics and blog about it).

We used these concrete molds to make the shapes of the pathway.  After mixing the Sakrete , we poured it into the molds, waited a few mins to allow it to set.  Smooth the top and lift the mold off

You’re left with these really nice cobblestone blocks.  I have to give Chris much credit because not only did he spearhead this project, but he was also a pretty cool instructor, very patient and explained every detail.

Look how nice that looks.  Insert my “oh wow” moments.  He was making, what I thought to be a hard project, look simple.. so I figured – ” heck” let me try my luck at doing a couple.  Stirring the concrete wasn’t too bad, once we got the right consistency of what it should be.

Chris was there making me laugh the whole time, which made the project less daunting.. one thing for sure.. laughter is truly medicinal.  He instructed me how to smooth the concrete .. almost like icing a cake.  Mine didn’t look as good as his, but oh well.. (it’s my first time)

Once that was done, we let the cement dry and next we had to spread sand on top to fill in the cracks.  The final step was to finish it off with gravel stones.  I could have used the edging strip on the perimeter but chose not to.. it’s just freestyle for now.   This is how the walkway looks..



This part was all done, next up was me adding the finishing touches to the pathway.  I had a tray of border grass (liriope) and used that to contour the edge.   So I placed them where I wanted them and began digging.

Added a plant in the planter and  plucked a few weeds in the bed.. (lol) and now this is our cobblestone walkway.

With such a nice walkway, it was time to amp up the deck and a few things around the yard.

I can’t thank Chris enough for taking time from his busy schedule to do this project and not to mention show me how to do it.  That sofa brought more than buyer to my house, it brought a friend in my life… Just like this project.  While we waited for the cement to dry, Chris, my husband and I enjoyed sweet tea and chatted up a storm getting to know each other (more).  For no rhyme or reason, there’s always a season in which new people come into your life (sometimes good, sometimes bad) but instances like this makes it all good knowing it can be a wonderful world.   I always say, we live in a small town, but this town has a lot of good people with big hearts.

Up next I’ll be “Decking Things Out” and I’ve got another project I can’t wait to show you.  See you soon!!  Until then – happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!




12 thoughts on “Finally!! The Pathway

  1. It looks really good I love makeovers. I had wondered how well the molds work for that type thing it looks like it worked out pretty good. Is it a lot cheaper to go this route over buy the stones?

    • Thanks Sonya.. I’m glad you like this.. I think it was cheaper than buying the stones because of the length of the pathway. All together this project ran about $200.00. I would definitely recommend it for any project.

  2. New reader of your blog…found you via Facebook (Thrifty DIY)…I am loving your path! I am wanting to add one to my yard. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Yaaayyy! Thank you Elle for stopping over! I’m glad you enjoyed the path and am happy to hear you’ll be doing one.. I’d love to see yours when you’re done! and thanks again for stopping over

    • Thank you Cheryl! It wasn’t as bad as i had thought lol… so i definitely recommend going for it…I’m glad you love it

  3. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing. Don’t try and tell me this was easy…I’ve heard it one too many times and then I get into the project and find myself wondering “what was I thinking?” Lucky you had Chris to push you over the finish line. I wish I had a Chris in my neighborhood/town. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the deck!

    • Hey Marsha! Thanks lady! Actually it wasn’t hard at all.. believe me..but it is laborish… Chris is a gem…. i can’t thank him enough

    • Thank you lady! I’m glad you enjoyed this project.. and you are so right… I’ve been very fortunate meeting wonderful people..?

    • Thank you Linda! Chris was a man of many stories and the way he tells them.. had me cracking up..i told him he needs to take his show on the road.. lol…

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