Decked Out!

I’d like to introduce you to Caine, the newest member of our family.  My husband brought home this little cutie pie of a terror a few weeks ago.  After 3 days of being in the house, we both realized we have zero patience to house train a dog, so, we figure we’d put him on the deck.

Well big mistake.  First, because, I wanted to have a pretty deck and as you see – this wasn’t gonna happen with Caine -the destroyer- getting into everything.  Second, because coming home to a deck with dog poop is not my idea of a welcoming area.  After finishing the walkway, we added a gate and lattice around the deck to block him in.   As you see he’s all tired after destroying what he could on the deck.. smh..

Konked out!!  I guess destruction is hard gotta laugh at him)

Anyway, you can pretty much guess what I’m talking about.  I had removed my marble top kitchen table and placed it on the deck  because it was to become my outdoor table (eventually).  I had been looking for chairs to pair with it but no luck.  Then I remember my brother had 4 iron parlor chairs he wasn’t using (not to mention couldn’t figure which color to paint them).. so I asked for them and he graciously said yes.. (I’d like to think- I saved them) lol..

The ottoman was the inspiration kick I needed.  No more Caine-the destroyer- on the deck.. He’s been moved to the larger yard with plenty of room to run around.  First thing was to take care of the chairs, I painted them black to match the table base.  The marble top has more of a black swirl so I opted to have black/white cushions made for the seats.  That was the start of prettying up this deck.

I’d like to invite you onto my newly decorated deck.  It’s a small space but just enough for what I needed.

I took a trip to one of my favorite stores, World Market, and low and behold – they had one heck of a sale going on.. 75% off summer items.  The outdoor mats were marked down to $9.99 – $19.99 and I was able to get a 6×9 rug for $19.99.

It was the only one they had, so, I took my chance and bought it.  It was the perfect size for the space but it also added more pops of color.  I had nothing pink and yellow.. (oh well – it’ll have to work).  This is where it gets crazy colorful, but, and a big BUT… I love how it looks.   As you proceed, keep in mind, I had to make this shyt because I was on an extremely tight budget.  I just wanted a pretty deck – we use this as our main entrance and I wanted something to make me smile when I come home or when guests come.

This old fish tank stand became a side table- I painted it metallic gold and the ceramic tiles were painted white.    The food covers were the perfect colors for the deck.  They were snagged during last year’s end of season sale and have been stored away.  The metal giraffe picture was $1.99 from Goodwill.

The pineapple tray was $5.00 at World Market

The outdoor plates and cups were also on sale at World Market..

For outdoor lighting I used Christmas lights that I purchased from Goodwill for $1.00

I added the yellow pineapple lights to balance the yellow in the rug and they were also on sale at World Market for $6.25.

The pineapple candle holder was another Goodwill find for $2.99 (the top and bottom were a bit rusted so I gave it a quick spray of the Valspar Rose Gold.  I had some leftover from the previous hall project

If you peeped the antique washstand, I thought it was perfect to use as a beverage cooler.  It was badly rusted and in dire need of a makeover.  I wanted to maintain a shabby chic look so it’s not the 100% pristine perfect look.

I used the remainder of my faux marble contact paper on the top surface.  Working on this with Caine around was the most difficult task, he was steady getting into everything and wanting to nibble on my toes.. I know I’m going to have to paint it again.. but here it is now.  It does look a lot better.

It’s great to have it on the deck which makes it convenient to grab a drink while hoovering over the hot grill.


The vintage ashtray took a beating over the past 2 years – so that was also given a quick new look

It brings in the blue from the ottoman base



At night, the back is lit quite nicely from the lights.

With a Decked Out deck and rest haven, I’m enjoying my backyard more and more during the day

and night

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my deck.. I realize it’s small in space but it’s big in color.  I also did a few minor touch ups in the garden and I’ll show you that soon.. I didn’t want to keep you too long  🙂 –   Wishing you a fantastic week and remember – Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!


30 thoughts on “Decked Out!

  1. Awesome work Jamala! Your thrill of the hunt is very well represented in your blogs. I am totally inspired. Please continue to showcase your talent!

  2. I’m not a big doggy fan but Caine looks so cute. I loved how you changed that into a deck cooler, neat idea, would have never thought to do that. The deck looks night and day, I love the new transformation.

  3. Amazing job with both the deck and refinishing the accessories. You’ve created the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy a summer night…My only question remaining is when are you guys going to have the first big bbq (and can I come haha!)

  4. I’m loving your vibe 🙂 I haven’t found a way to make eclectic decor work for me but I’m loving what you do with your spaces here!

    • LOL!! Yes girl… he’s so naughty… but you gotta love him.. I’m glad you liked the transformation.. thanks

    • Awwww,,, well one day you will… I didn’t have one either when I lived in the city, but since I’ve moved south I totally enjoy the longer days and hanging out at night outside – with some music playing.

    • Thank you lady! Yes, the color explosion I have going on really brightens my day when I go outside… I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the quick tour of my outdoor oasis (on a budget) 🙂

  5. Loving both spaces…I would never go inside except to use the ……. that’s it. What a Happy Place! The colors!!! I can hear the music right now! :-)….Ah, your pooch Caine..too cute…but .tell him we neeeds to have a talk. :-)..

    • Thanks Linda!! If there was a way,lol.. but the bugs would eat me I truly am adoring the space…and you’re right.. music is always playing as long as I’m out there.

  6. Looks totally transformed. U know I love it. Great colors, chic style, and welcoming look. Can’t wait to steal some of your ideas.

    • Hey Amina!! I’m so glad you’re digging it! By all means steal away.. I can’t wait for you to get yours decorated..

  7. Jamala, I could write a book on how much I love this space but instead I’ll keep it to a few words…Ah-mazing, magnificent, boho-chic!!! Your style is incredible! I want this washstand, ottoman and cute Cane! Beautiful deck!

    • Marsha, you can’t have the washstand and ottoman, but that CAINE!!!! YES!!!!! I’ll wrap him up and ship him ASAP -lol -.. Joking aside. thanks girlfriend.. I’m glad you’re digging my space

  8. I wish I had your eye for thrift store treasures and bargains. You can see things in them that I can’t. Your taste is not like mine but I admire your work.

    • Hey Dianne!.. You’ll develop an eye – trust me.. one day you’ll pick up something that will catch your eye and you’ll build on it to create your own chicness for thrift finds.. Thank you for your compliment – I truly appreciate it, and I’m happy to hear you enjoy my space.

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