The Brick Cottage Project Pt3

Hi everyone! Welcome back again for part 3 of the Brick Cottage Project.  If you’re just joining in, please visit here and here to see the before.  Finally, I’m able to share some after pictures of the #brickcottageproject completion.  The painting has gotten completed and next up (the biggest part I couldn’t wait for) the flooring!!!!!  YAY-YAY!!  This was Amir’s first time doing this so he reached out to an experienced carpenter/friend to give him a lesson on how to install laminate flooring.  Laying down the underlayment was easy, but he definitely needed the hands on lesson from James.

I’m so proud of him for taking this on…

Everything was moving along quite nicely and we were making good progress and then he had to take a complete halt because he found another job that moved him out of state.  Thankfully, James was able to step in and complete the job.  He had already began to install the kitchen cabinets, counter tops and linoleum flooring.  We chose the Brookton cabinets at Lowes and the countertop was from their pre-cut selection.

Notice how much better the cabinets look flanking each side of the workstation.  I’m so glad we moved them.  The flow just seemed better.  Finishing up painting the kitchen and adding the tile backsplash was next.

I lucked up and caught the peel and stick tile on clearance at Lowes and bought every single pack I could of the ones they had the most of.  I didn’t have a measurement to go by but it was about 30 pks. I’d rather be over and take back then be under and can’t get anymore.  For the bathroom, in lieu of a medicine cabinet (for now), I found a frame from Goodwill for a $1.00 and had a mirror cut for it – which costed $15.00.  I sprayed it a chocolate brown to match the cabinet to hang over the sink.

I installed some of the peel and stick tile in-between the space for bit of a backsplash effect in the bathroom.

Amir came back to help finish installing the tile in the kitchen after James completed the countertops.

Not bad right??  We actually love how it came out and it was a million times easier than using ceramic tile and saved him a quite a bit of money.

The light fixture for the foyer was installed.  I got it on clearance at Lowe’s for $25.00 a couple years ago and held onto it.  (so glad I did)

My intentions were to decorate the house and have a nicely styled reveal, however, it has been rented.  I was able to take some complete after pics before they moved in all their furniture.  There are many more things we need to continue to do, such as changing the light fixtures in the bedrooms, freshening up the switch plates, and painting the fireplace.  But for the most part the inside is pretty much done.  So here’s a complete tour of the new look.

This is the Living Room.  I really like how modern it looks with the black trim.

Kind of similar to the inspiration picture…don’t you think?

This is Bedroom #1

These were some furniture pieces I was going to use to decorate his house with, (so they’ll be coming out and stored away for now).

Just  a quick note.. the greenish door was painted white after this picture.  A small bonus is there’s a cedar closet in this room.  This is the view from the living room into the dining room and foyer.

This is the dining room – the chandelier was a Goodwill score for $20.00 (another area that needs a paint touch .. the fixture was changed after the ceiling was painted)

This is Bedroom #2 –  The navy blue walls against the bright white looks great..


Again here’s the finished bathroom … It’s so much better.

and last but not least… The Kitchen

The refrigerator was moved back over to the work station creating a galley effect.  It looks a lot better especially since it covers the creepy back porch that needs remodeling.   A pair of nice window toppers would look great .  Keeping the upper cabinets was a financially smart move.  We’ll change the knobs in the near future to blend with the handles.

The faux tile backsplash really added more of modern look.

This is the other end of the kitchen which now has space to accommodate a washer and dryer.  Since there is a formal dining room, the eat-in kitchen could be bypassed.  I could definitely see putting some open shelving above them or build some time of wall frame around them to be able to close them off.. (just some thoughts I’m tossing around).

So there you have it…. the Brick Cottage Project .. There is so much potential here and I’ll be sharing more with you.  We still have alot to do on the outside but that’ll come soon enough.  Right now he just needs to take a breather from the inside projects.  In the meantime, I’ll be on the hunt for replacement windows.  I’ve seen them at ReStore Habitat so I’ll be checking out those prices.  Some much needed curb appeal needs to be done as well, and I’ve got a few ideas in mind, but again, slowly but surely – it will all get done.  So hang in there with us as the journey continues.   What’s your thoughts on the progress made so far?  Until next time – as always-  Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!




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    • Yes Alycia.. they made a big impact and saved quite a bit of money. He still has more to do, so that was a big help and made a great impact. Thanks for the compliment

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