The Appeal of Vintage Slippers

If you recall a while back on a $2.00 Tuesday post how ecstatic I was about finding two pairs of these vintage slippers for $2.00

I was extremely happy, but here it is over two years later and they’re history with me.  I must say I truly got a good wear out of them.  But the time has come to put them to rest and search for more.  I’ve been hitting a few estate sales and yards sales trying to find some, but nothing has turned up.  So my next step was to hit the internet.  Sure I bought a pair from our local shoe store, (the foot warmers), but I also wanted a pair that embraced my vintage style and grace.  While outdoor fashion defines your image outside of home, once you’re inside, having that special lounge wear that enhances your beauty, charm and yes, sex appeal, is a simple joy and comfort of being at home.  While lounging, you should also have a stylish pair of boudoir slippers on your feet.  Whether wearing comfy lounge wear or a sexy peignoir, I’ve chosen the top styles that would make you feel like Cinderella at home.  From brands such as Daniel Green to Jaques Levine, they’ve created everlasting looks to add elegance to your evening attire.




After looking at all these beauties, I was ready to start a massive slipper collection and become the “Fashionista of Slippers” but I had to come to my senses and curtail my appetite.  However,  I did decide on 3 pairs and was completely excited when I got them.  Let’s start with the perfect pair of On-The-Go Travel Mates.

When I travel, I also bring my slippers, and this adorable pair with it’s matching case is an excellent choice.  They are lightweight and hardly take up any additional space.  They’re so compact you can even tote them in your purse.

They were like slipping on a pair of comfortable gloves. Extremely lightweight and perfect to wear while in the hotel room.  The next pair are these Daniel Green vintage brocade beauties.

Just take a close look at this pair.  Notice the gold lamé intertwined in the brocade pattern and the quilted inner sole.  Yes, not only do these have a classic sophisticated look, but they are absolutely pure comfort.  The Daniel Green Company has been manufacturing shoes since the late 1800’s and still today remain a leader in casual comfort bedroom slippers.  You can read more of their history here and also order from their website.

And lastly, is my sexy kitten pair.  With the feathery bow embellished with a vintage pendant, these will be my “special” occasion pair…. (wink-wink).

Talk about feeling giddy and ticklish inside, when I tried them on, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute sashaying around the house!  Aren’t they simply the sweetest pair?  That soft pink and gold lamé is a perfect blend of romance and elegance slipper appeal.  My high heel wearing days are over, so these add the comfort I wanted for a pair of boudoir beauties.


One last look before I go.

So tell me, what do you think of my “hot picks” of Vintage Slippers?  Are you inspired to get a pair?  If so, let me know.. I’d love to hear and see your picks.  As always, Happy Hunting while you thrift your house into a home!




7 thoughts on “The Appeal of Vintage Slippers

  1. It’s so nice to find someone who loves a vintage slipper – indoor shoes don’t get enough air time I think!! All of these are so stunning – great selection and some stunning finds. Makes me want to buy a pair!!

    • Hi Shireen! Yes i agree with you.. they’re underrated yet need to be showed off. By all means do order a pair.. you’ll enjoy them.. thanks for reading and I’m glad you were inspired

  2. I love all of them. Talk about feeling dainty and pretty! I love the slipper sound of “tap, tap, tap” and “clap, clap, clap” as you graceful walk throughout your home. Vintage Hollywood glam. Love it. Now that it’s getting cooler it’s time for slippers. Great Post. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed this fun post…i was getting too freaking excited over slippers.. i remember my grandmother having the metallic gold pair and we’d play in them… they were so comfortable..
    And now i clearly see why she treasured wearing them.. i opt for flats and comfort so the time I’m extremely happy with my new oldies but goodies

  4. I’m all giddy inside too. I love all your choices. I owned a pair of Daniel Greene gold “Aladdin” pair many moons ago and finally had to part with them. Thanks for letting me know they have a site with vintage slippers. I’ll have to order me a pair and yes I want some sexy ones like yours. Great post.

    • Thanks Marsha! I’m glad you enjoyed this one… i can imagine you having a slipper section of goodies in that beautiful dressing room of yours

  5. Yowza! This is certainly the way to get your inner Doris Day on! I’ve always loved the look of vintage slippers. They really DO make you feel like Cinderella at home! My Mother and Grandmother both used to wear those kitten heel slippers, and when I became of age…I made SURE to wear them! Now with my back troubles I have had to trade them in for less dangerous slipper socks, but the memories are still there! Fun post!

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