Goodwill Glam

Everywhere I travel I always have a desire to pop into a local thrift store, Goodwill or flea market.  Last week I visited Raleigh, NC and popped into a Goodwill and found these gorgeous dishes.  Dishes is a(nother) weakness of mine and no matter how hard I try not to give-in,  I just can’t help myself.  Lately, I’ve been real good at walking away from the “I don’t need” stuff but these here.. I couldn’t.. there was no way in “HELL” I was going to leave them. But before I show you the set, I wanted to reveal the price.  Chump change… for a service of 6, I got for less than $18.00.

One plate is selling for $15.99 on  Now, I didn’t know anything about this pattern, but it was the gold and purple that caught my eye.

As I was in the store laying out my complete set, a lady came by and said “you better grab it because if you don’t I will” .. that was my Que to snatch it quickly.  At first I was simply admiring the cup and saucer, then  duuhhh…. it dawned on me to get it all.  That’s exactly what I did.. grabbed enough for a service of six.

Do you see the beauty in this pattern.  The gold, the rich tones in floral design, and bold pattern makes this a gorgeous set.  Seriously, I’d be a complete fool to walk away and leave it.  I decided to play around with a place setting.  I’m looking forward to setting the table using it.  If you recall, I got the gold flatware last year which was another glam score.

I paired it with the dishes and love the look.  Everything except the napkin (set belonged to my maternal grandmother) and place mat (WalMart) came from a Goodwill store at different times.

Even the faux vase of flowers.. only $2.99 and brass napkin rings were $.59 ea

Glasses were $.50

Another option – I toyed with a clear glass dinner plate on top of the patterned plate (for a charger look) to see if it comes through and it did.

I know I didn’t need another set of dishes, but do you blame me?  No frowny faces please….

How about that for a Goodwill Glam –  I’d say a slam dunk!  What have you scored lately?  Always remember, patience is a virtue and you could piece together a glam look as long as you remember – Happy Hunting while you thrift your house into a home!


18 thoughts on “Goodwill Glam

  1. Absolutely stunning and what a beautiful table setting. So glad you had your good sense about you far to leave this set would have been a dreadful mistake. I love the black and white tablecloth too. Drama and glam.

  2. Oh what a score. You seem to be in the right place at the right time. Your place settings are oh so pretty. Also like the idea of the clear plate over dinner plate. Well, your all set for Thanksgiving dinner.

    • Hey Barbara! It does seem to be that way.. because of all the people that were in the store and paid them no was destined for me to find ? I’m glad you liked them and thanks for reading

  3. The depths of my jealousy are indescribable!!!!! And I REALLY think you need to send me that flatware! What a fantabulous find! I have never been able to find great flatware at a thrift store.?

    • Alycia… You crack me up.. The lady with allllll the gorgeous settings. I’m glad you like the dishes.. Hopefully I luck up and find the peacock set you have.

  4. Wow is right! I had to chuckle at your excitement knowing you were not leaving without them. They are gorgeous and love the entire setting!! You are always in the right place at the right time…Kudos to you!!! 🙂

  5. OMG JAMALA!!! I’ve been on the hunt for a set of tobacco leaf print dishes for almost 3 years now. This set is just gorgeous and my thrifting heard happy that your purchased it! This would be a great addition to this week’s link party 🙂

    • Hey Linda! Oh wow..yikes… Well if/when I decide to let them go – you’ll be the first I let know .. I will definitely add this to the link party

  6. The dishes are gorgeous, such a great score. The gold flatware pairs with it well and looks just beautiful on your table. ✨✨

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