Fall Fashion Find

One thing I love about yard sales at old homes is looking at vintage clothing.  I hit one in our town a few weekends ago and they had a rack of vintage clothes.  I spotted a few cute suits and dresses, but I couldn’t try them on so I didn’t want to take a chance at buying them.  However, I did luck up and find this Fall fashion trench coat.  I tried it on and it was a good fit. As you see – I’m rockin’ it! This coat was in perfect condition.  Not a stain, nor a  split seam, and for $3.00 – a total WIN.  At first the color didn’t phase me, but once I got home and looked in the mirror, I actually liked it – alot.  This burnt orange/rust color was the epitome of vintage colors and it’s perfect for Fall.  So you betcha’ I’m totally happy with my yard sale find.

and tucked in the pockets was a beautiful paisley scarf and a pair of gloves to complete the look – wooohooo!

Next time you’re at an estate sale or yard sale, check out the clothes rack.. you never know what you’ll find.

Until next time!  Enjoy hunting while you thrift your house (or fashion) into a home!


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