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Just when I considered myself a thrift “aficionado”, I came across a fellow player in the game.  Her name is Machelle and she is the founder of the Facebook group Soda City Thrifters.  In my search to meet other thrift-heads in my area, I came across the group and this is where our friendship began.  We started posting pictures of items we’ve seen or purchased at thrift stores, communicate, compliment and ooo and ahhhh over them all.  Eventually we started chatting, getting to know one another and I invited her to the first Punch Bowl Social. Joining groups with people who share your same passion is so rewarding (just like how this blog has blessed me with meeting some really wonderful people.  Machelle, who also follows my blog, loves the thrill of the hunt and has completely thrifted her house into a home.  She loved the concept of my home tours and has graciously invited me and you into her home.  So grab your cup of java or your glass of wine, sit back, relax and take in her lovely home tour.

She greeted me with the warmest hug and biggest smile, and instantly I felt completely welcomed into her home.  She had the fire burning and her home was scented with aromatic candles and glowing with holiday ornaments.

This sitting area is perfect to relax, snuggle by the fire while reading a good book and sipping on wine.  Even though she moved it here to make room for her tree, I clearly see how this might become a favorite spot in the house.  He fireplace decor has a bit of African, mixed with boho, blended with a touch of traditional to make her style pegged as Afro-boho chic.  I want you all to take in all the eye candy she has around her lovely home.  My eyes were everywhere and I couldn’t get enough of looking at her tastefully decorated home.  Her african sculptures and figurines are tucked in corners to draw your eyes into their space.

Right next to the fireplace sits her bar station.

If you zeroed in on the swanky ice bucket, like I did, to my surprise, she told me she made it.  She saw one at HomeGoods for $50.00, so instead of buying it, she DIYed it.

Kudos to her creativity!!  She purchased a leather belt (from the thrift store and glued it onto the glass container she already had and shaped the handle.  Voila!!  Here is the inspiration along with hers.  She spent a less than $10.00 making it and she kicked it up a notch by adding a bling monogram.  How cool is that.

Above the bar hangs this gorgeous rattan elephant head which she uses as her wreath hanger.

See how much eye candy she has… (smiles)… Now on to the remaining tour of her Living Room.

Very Afro-boho-chic.  I love how she blended the earth tones with turquoise accents and mixed the entire room with eclectic pieces.

She definitely has “pillow power” going on here.  All these gorgeous pillows had my heart palpitating.  Especially this tiger one.. O…M…GEEE!!!

and that blue mid-century lamp… OH YEA!!!

I’m definitely feeling her vibe and she has impeccable taste in finding decorative pieces in her home.

So I drifted into the kitchen to find more fabulous finds.   Machelle has really mastered the game of thrift and is addicted to the “thrill of the hunt”..(insert side bar conversation…) Hi Machelle, my name is Jamala – it’s nice to meet you – welcome to “TA” – Thrifters Anonymous – LOL!!

Her use of earth tone elements like rattan, wood, baskets and gold mixed with chinoiserie adds more interest to her decor.

The beautiful African inspired stool, which sits near the hutch that once belonged to her dear grandmother, displays a Mexican inspired pillow along with a mask and some decorated ornaments.

The framed jeweled skull graces the wall in her kitchen and it’s one of my favorite pieces she has.


Her wall gallery is on point with eclectic finds

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Machelle’s  Afro-boho-chic decor.  She has truly mastered the the game of thrift and it’s evident she knows where to hunt for the best deals to accomplish a great style and design.

Just remember decorating your home is suppose to be a fun and exciting process.  Take your time, look around find pieces that reflect your style, taste and decor.  As Machelle showcased, she searches various stores, some new and mostly thrift, to accomplish the ultra vibe she wanted and have selected pieces that brings her joy in her home.  I want to thank Machelle for allowing us into her home and I wish her all the best as she continues to thrift her house into a home.  As always. I wish you as well, Happy Hunting while you thrift your house into a home!



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  1. BEaUtiful… Absolutely on point Afro-Boho-Chic! Loving everything. Thank you Machelle for sharing your style. It’s so interesting to see how others style their homes. We admire, learn, get inspired, gather tips, we adopt and simulate…it’s so empowering and culturally uplifting to me to see beautiful people living, loving and enjoying their home. Way to go Jamala and Machelle. Great Post enjoyed very much.

    • Lol.! Yea I’m pretty happy about our connection… That home tour really was an enjoyable day.. We learned so much about each other and realized we have a lot in common. I look forward to more.meetups.. Thanks for reading and glad to hear you enjoyed the tour

  2. Her home looks fantastically welcoming . She blended and mixed her colors, patterns and textures so artistically. The jeweled skull is my favorite also! Very nice home tour

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