I Dug the Rug

The easiest and cheapest way to add some color to a room is adding accent pieces, pillows and area rugs.  For our “boudoir” I wanted to add an area rug for color, but it took some time.  I searched but took my time because I wasn’t in a hurry.  I knew eventually I’d find one.  Our bedroom has different furniture pieces from different eras and style, so I needed something that would blend with each piece and fabrics, yet add the right amount of color to the room.  I’m overjoyed with having hardwood floors, but ever since removing the carpet, I knew eventually I would want an area rug just for some added color but held off until I finished decorating the room.

I also wanted a splash of pink in the room (my desire was to paint the room a very soft pale pink, but hubby said “no way – he can’t sleep in a pink room”, so that’s how the sage green landed on the walls.  I’m considering doing a stencil (tone on tone) but that’s later down the line.  I’m excited because after searching I found a rug that suits my room.  It balances the pieces and adds pop of color to the space.

I was inspired by this silk screen print pillow I ordered online from TJMaxx.  The purple flowers caught my eye.

By adding the pillow and the rug, they enhanced the colors of the room.

I also switched the lamp shades to give more color which made quite an impact on the look.  By adding black and the brass table to the room seemed to warm the tone and make it a bit modern.

On my husband’s dresser, I finally ditched the dried hydrangeas and added a pineapple plant and covered some old books with gold foil wrapping paper.  I’m still searching for the right dresser decor.




Overall I love the rug and new added touches to the room


So, whatcha think?  Have you started your new year with some new looks? In the meantime… Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!




14 thoughts on “I Dug the Rug

  1. It looks great you have done a really good job. Love the rug it adds just enough color. Our main bath we remodeled a few years ago and it had travertine tile on the bathroom counter, floor, the entire shower all the way to the ceiling. It is mostly browns, tans, beige, but has just a hint of grey. I am wanting to paint the walls grey in there and pull away from some of the brown tones. What do you think?

    • Thanks lady! think it sounds good.. I say go for it.. then and maybe another to blend for additional color.. send pics when you do.. I’d love to see

  2. Jamala, I love every stitch of design in your boudoir and this rug is an added bonus. I’m sure you know Pantone color of the year is purple and you have added some wonderful touches of this royal color with the pillow and rug. I say paint those walls a girly pink… Just kidding.

    • Thanks Marsha! Yes i heard about that color… though i wasn’t a fan to paint my walls that color But the girly pink.. would do me fine.. Lol

  3. The rug is perfect, absolutely perfect, I would have chosen that beauty myself. Love that tufted slipper chair in that sophisticated silver grey and the way you brought the color of the black shades across the room with the lilac flower pillow. Those lamps are lovely and with such a classic design they would look good in any room.
    P.S. I was watching a documentary on Tudor England the other night and the host was talking about the color pink being a masculine color during that era. I know what your husband will say. He will say that he isn’t in England in the 1700s. But it is interesting how somebody comes up with an idea that becomes popular and then we are stuck with it for the next 300 years. My cousin had a fit when I recently showed him a photograph of my infant grandmother and her twin in the early 1900s, both in white frilly dresses. He kept saying, “Well, why is her brother wearing a dress?” He couldn’t get over it. Can you imagine how much easier it was to keep a baby clean before mass produced diapers were purchased by the majority of mothers if the child was wearing a dress.

    • Thanks Ginene! It’s so funny because I’m ready to give that slipper chair a new look…just hadn’t found the right fabric. I’m glad you enjoy the room.. we we both have the antiques in our hearts. On your other note.. you tickle me.. Lol. I told my husband how would you know you can’t sleep in one of you’re already sleep… he literally passes out in that bed..

  4. Your boudoir is gorgeous and welcoming! We’re redoing our bedroom and I’m still trying to figure out the decor theme. You’ve given me a few great ideas! I need to do some binge reading on your blog and take more notes!

    • Thank you Cheryl.. I appreciate your compliment.. good luck with your room’s redo… if I could help let me know.. take care and show pics

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