Storing Trivets

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been on a brass kick.  Shortly after I found the art deco style brass wall sconces, I stumbled on some brass trivets.  One pair is another art deco inspired set and the other is a brass pineapple.  I scored the brass pair for $0.99 cents and the pineapple was $3.00.  I was extremely pleased when I spotted the art deco pair at Goodwill because when I googled the cost of brass trivets, the prices ranged from $12.00 – $100.00 along with the pineapple trivets ranging from $12-$34.

I gave them a very good cleaning with barkeepers friend and they’ve been sitting on my countertop since.  Even though they didn’t take up much space, I wanted a better way of having them on my counter and a bit more stylish.  Just recently I was selected as a recipient of a mystery kit challenge by Rustoleum.  When I received my “happy mail” and opened it, I saw I needed to create something with the box.  Although they technically listed it as a planter box, I had something else in mind.  I thought it would be great to create a box to store my trivets in.

They sent a simple kit that had the Varathane Early American wood stain and the Varathane wood enhancer, along with a few other supplies.   First I used the wire brush to scrub the wood to release some of the grain and then wiped the stain on with a soft white cloth.  Then I wiped it off quickly and let dry.  I did this procedure twice to deepen the color.  Afterwards I finished it off with the wood grain enhancer.  I had some white letters stored and used them on the box.  I painted the letters with a french vanilla color and when they dried I glued them onto the box using Modge Podge.  Afterwards, I used a dab of the wood stain and gently brushed it across the letters to give them an aged look.  Lastly, I wrapped the box with a burlap ribbon.

All three trivets fit perfectly in the box.  Next I wanted to keep everything grouped on the counter and what better way than to use a tray.  This large white tray was scored at Goodwill for $3.00 and I had it stored away waiting to decide what to do with it.  Finally it dawned on me to use it on the counter.  I didn’t have to do anything to it other than wash it.

Not only is it large enough for the trivet box, but it also holds a few other items I had across my counter, which saved space.

Now that I have special place to store them and can grab for them real quick.

Even though I’m not fond of my countertops, I do try to maintain them (until I can change them) by using trivets to keep from burning them.

So, what do you think about my trivet box?  Do you collect trivets and if so how do you store yours?

Well I hope you enjoyed my quick D.I.Y and that I’ve inspired you to think “outside the box”.  Until next time – Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home”!




9 thoughts on “Storing Trivets

  1. That just makes perfect sense! What a great idea! I’m going to have to piggyback on that! I have several trivets (not nearly so nice as yours) that would still be handy and within reach, but better stored. Thanks!

    • Thanks Alycia!! You go right ahead.. I was searching around for trivet holders for a while and couldn’t find anything so this came right on time!

  2. Great DIY! I love the easy ones! Trivets are my friend. When I had Formica countertops they kept me from burning them and I still use them on my harder surfaces. Old habits are good. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Marsha! They are the best because time sometimes is not on our side. I’m happy to hear you like trivets too ..I was beginning to think they’re a thing of the past..(not that it would bother me 😂)

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