$2.00 Tuesday

Ever notice when you say you’re going to stop collecting something, all of a sudden, it keeps appearing? Screaming – look at me- tapping your shoulder- whispering – “come get me”… welcome to my fetish for peacocks….  There once was a time I couldn’t find any at the thrift stores, then I lucked up last year and found 3- in gold.  I popped into theeee most un-kept thrift store and stumbled on this one.  Yes.. for $2.00… Who knew they came in white… not me!!  No need to fight the temptation… just go with the flow.. because had I left it.. it would haunt me.

So it landed in the guest room

Then I stumbled on the mate to my Curtis Jeré inspired metal wall sculpture for $0.99 at Goodwill.  I know that’s not $2.00 but the other one was $0.99 as well. I bought them almost a year apart at two different stores…. (it was meant to be).  They add a bit if mid-century glam to this space without overpowering it.

Mid-century decor enthusiasts, are seeking metal art and many are being found at estate sales and flea markets, so I really got lucky finding these.

Shelly over at Confetti Style, loves the blue & white pattern, found this cute little flower frog to add to her collection. However, on another note, I urge you to hop over to her blog and see all the fantastic finds she snagged at a thrift store… all I could say was “WOW”.

Last but not least, Christy over at Confessions of a Serial DIYer found old wooden box and turned it into a gorgeous shabby chic table top tray

She did an awesome job with softening the look and making it picture perfect.

As you see, finding decor items to style your home without breaking the bank can be done.  Use a bit of imagination, a touch of DIY and a keen eye and you’ll be on your way to decorating your house into a home on a budget.  So happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!





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