$2.00 Tuesday #4

For a moment I was worried about not finding something for my fun post.  This $2.00 Tuesday is really pretty cool.  The main objective is that I do not to go crazy looking for things and also make sure I need or could use it.  Well, so far so good..  If you’re just joining me..Welcome… you can see my other $2.00 posts here, here, and here.   Today’s goodie came from the thrift store here in Whitmire, again.  I remember seeing it when I was there getting the plant hangers.  So, I decided to go back to inquire about it…. and sure enough.. it was $2.00…LOL.. I know you’re probably thinking.. “Is she for real – how could it be -that she’s finding this stuff“,  but I kid you not.. it sure was $2.00 (and no haggling..)..

A HAT RACK….. How Cool is That!!!     It was hanging on the wall with some baskets on it…  I simply asked.. is that for sale and she replied – looking over her glasses with her hand on her hip…. “Honey, everything in here is for sale 🙂  …and it was $2.00 (with the baskets.. which I did’t take – but something tells me I should have – because you never know when you’ll need a basket..)  oh well…


Well, it was was in perfect condition (except for the dust) which is a easy fix.  But I just didn’t want to keep it in the natural state.  I had a tiny bit of paint left over and decided to spruce it up.. Besides it was going to hang in the laundry area so the color would blend with the curtains.  I used the Avocado left over from this project

That’s what it needed for a new look

Well let’s get it inside to put it to use..  Every time I have to walk Ms. Koko, it never fails, I forget where I left her leash and have to go looking for it and my cap… well no more.. they have their place..


I do believe I scored on this one too!!!!

As always…IT’S VivaLaVintage – Baby!  Like I said.. this is getting kind of fun…  See you next Tuesday..(I hope)

6 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday #4

  1. Came out very nice. I might need to start doing the $2 Tuesdays too. Looks like is fun. I guess my problem would be not spending more than the $2.00

    • Thanks Michelle, yes it is, so far I’m really getting lucky with this.. I really appreciate that your checking out these posts I’ve been doing.. I like having fun with it.. Wish me luck as I continue my search.. Enjoy your thanksgiving

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