$2.00 Tuesday #5

It’s your thrifty girl with yet another $2.00 deal.  This was found at the Goodwill store.  I went in to look for an old blanket for little Ms. Koko.  She’s always cold and just commandeered my blanket – so I wanted to get her another one to use.  I found a really nice bean bag that was perfect but the price was $10.00 – wayyyy over priced… I asked how can a bean bag be $10 but a chair is $15.00 – made no sense to me.. but anyway..I did’t get it.  Well since I was there, I decided to look around for something else.. besides you never know what you may find   There was a man standing there and I really wasn’t paying too much attention to him and  he asked  “Do you need a nice mirror?”  I replied, ” not really” .. but he was persistent.. and said “look at it – it’s a really nice mirror.. I thought pretty girls always like mirrors”.. So he & I both chuckled and I looked at the mirror… hmmm.. it really was a nice mirror.. So I said.. “You’re right,  it is a nice mirror” and then he said “here – take it” .  I kindly took it from him and figured I’d put it back when he left my sight.. but as I got ready to put it away I gave it a second look.. hmm.. this really is a nice mirror..  I looked at the price..$2.99..(ok – so it was’t  exactly $2.00).. I toyed with the mirror trying to figure out what I could do with it.. but no need to ponder with it in the store.. I’ll take it home and deal with it.  Here is the mirror – the stranger found  for this pretty girl..


Technically I did’t find it. .. but somehow – it found me..   🙂     Pretty nice huh?   I didn’t have a place in mind for it, but I’d figure I’d use it outside come spring time in the chill-out spot.   As I walked around the house, I found a little corner area that could use a spruce up..   I’m one to prop a mirror in a space to see how it works then build on it.. Here is the target corner:

I put the mirror behind it to see how it works:

Ok.. it’s starting to look livelier..  let’s add a few more touches to it…    I found these rose balls I had around the house and wasn’t using them..

I’m liking it even more… then I remembered one special touch … I bought my bohemian butterfly inside for the winter months.. and decided to show it off here..

I would say this corner is complete..  All spruced up!!

I love how the butterfly adds the special touch of color to the corner area.  You really should see the beautiful butterflies created by LindaG.. Click here to visit her website to catch a  butterfly for yourself or someone special

10 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday #5

  1. How nice!! Love that pop of color. It all comes together! Isn’t it exciting how decorating your home always evolves over time, never ends. Like me, you walk pass a corner everyday never think twice about it, then one day it just catches your eye and you say, why didn’t I “think” to do that before. The butterfly looks good too. Love that Vase. This vignette has my name all over it, a vase, a mirror, a frame, flowers and butterfly, that’s me! 🙂

    • Thanks Linda.. You’re so right about that..I would look at the corner and say – it needs something but just left it alone and figured eventually something will come..the butterfly really added the special touch to it, I may have to get another one for the outside because I don’t think that one will make it back out there.. chuckles..

  2. a definite improvement in the corner! If you moved the shelf on the left a bit closer the two areas would become one – and the mirror would tie them together. Amazing what a picture frame that’s too big for one space will do to tie together two separate spaces. Even better if its a mirror!

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