Joined at the Hip

It’s been a week since I’ve been back from going home for Thanksgiving and I’m still reminiscing in the wonderful time I had visiting family.  I’d like to share my short story about the visit and staying with my twin.  It’s just amazing how even though we live hundreds of miles apart, when I go to her house – it’s like home away from home.. seriously.  Down to the point of when I look in her cabinet to cook something – we even have the same spices.. chuckles.. it’s really something to think about.  The week prior to my visit I had been playing a particular cd alot..”Caron Wheeler” the cd I used in my Lite as a Feather post.. I love the entire cd..well – I get to her house.. and guess what.. she has it playing in her kitchen (just like me).. now this is the odd part.. We were playing the same music in our homes not knowing it.  I gave her a copy of that cd at least a year ago and she said “Kim – I just put this cd in last week for the first time and love – every song!”  Inside I was perturbed because I thought “what took you so long”  but somehow she must have read my face and quickly said..”I know it took a long time, but I’ve been listening to so many cds our aunt Pookie (who is another music buff) had been giving her that she just hadn’t taken the time to listen.. but now she’s regretting it took so long because she loves it..)  That made me happy.  But moving along because I could write a book about us…chuckles..  My sister’s home is so lovely and she (like me) had to completely re-do her home.. I guess we’re just suckers for a good challenge -whereas some people prefer move-in ready to decorate… not us.   I’m just going to share a few snapshots I took of her home.  Her kitchen is just a warm friendly place to be in.  The color tones of yellow, red, black and white are just so welcoming.  When she asked me to make her curtains I was happy to do so, but to see that she still has them makes me smile.  They were simple to make and it’s a rewarding feeling to know that I helped add to her beautiful kitchen.  I adore this vignette around her table.  The picture you see above “Sisters” hugging.. well that was a birthday card I gave her at least 15 years ago.. she had it framed and you see where it hangs 🙂

The other pictures are a tasteful blend of vintage & modern prints


Her Dining Room is the crowned jewel of her home. The rich tone of chocolate brown and keylime walls trimmed in gold is absolutely gorgeous.   


Her artwork adds to the beauty of the room – with each piece custom framed to her selection


Pulling all her vintage furniture pieces together to create this fabulous look was truly tastefully accomplished.

The Living Room, which is equally stunning, was also completely redesigned.  Her old mantel was torn out and her husband  handcrafted a newly design mantel to her liking – and customizing a border around the art was another creative special touch.


This is the front view of her beautiful fireplace

Gorgeous!!  Isn’t it??

I also love the vintage desk and how she has it displayed with the exquisite artwork above it.

Mind you, every fabulous piece of furniture was found in thrift stores lovingly refinished – because that’s how we Vintage girls love to do it.  The song I chose for this post is called “Special”.. because that’s what she is to me.. and as the lyric says “sisterly bond is worth more than gold” and those words are never more true.   I know you’re probably wondering why I chose the name for this post.  Well,  it comes from my aunt who always says “we’re joined at the hips” and after hearing my short story I’m sure you can agree.

I hope you enjoyed your visit of my sister’s home, and I hope you enjoyed the “Special” tune I played for you.

23 thoughts on “Joined at the Hip

  1. What a lovely home. Your Sissy’s collection of art is Ah-mazing! I love the vintage touches along with her antique furnishings and I see you guys are truly joined at the hip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim, I’m speechless, was wonderful having you home for the weekend. Your artistic vision of our home was captured beautifully. You are special to me! Love you!!!

  3. Jamala your sister’s home is so beautiful! You both are very talented ladies. Both of your styles show a lot of classiness & the colors are so warm & inviting.& the song you chose is perfect! I LOVE IT LADY!!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Simply beautiful!! You guys have wonderful style and can put any colors together. Love the lights as I said when there. It gives the place a different uniqueness.

  5. Now you know I couldn’t pass up commenting on this post!! Now, I get to ask you, what took “you” so long to post this? :-). You two are so special, the song/music is so right! Love her house! Makes me feel at home just looking at the pictures I can only imagine how I would actually feel if I were there! Love everything, and yes when I look at these pictures I see you all over again! I get a sense of pride when I see homes like the two of yours. Well done. Love ya!!

    • We’ll.. The fact I haven’t been there in a year made it difficult for me to take the pictures. Chuckles.. I’ve always loved her home and while I was there the feeling hit me to feature her home and share her beautiful style, too. I’m just happy she allowed me the opportunity to do so. As I said, it’s all in our genes.. Love you too!

  6. Wow her house is beautiful. I love the colors, specially that brown and green. I also love the curtains you made for her. Very nice. Thanks for sharing the pictures

  7. You know; I have been to Amina’s house probably a hundred times and never looked at it the way this writing just described it…thanks for letting me look at it through your eyes…very nice piece. As far as the Cd thing…that doesnt suprise me…you two are and always will be a single unit …

  8. wow. What a great kitchen. luv the colors. the rest of her home looks very cozy, comfy great use of colors and her artwork is beautiful.

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