A natural wonder

I always wonder how does this plant know when to bloom? I mean bulbs planted in the ground know it’s time to bloom because the change of the season but this plant stays in the house all year long… Hmmmmm….  I just wonder??   Is there a calendar built in membrane that says Christmas is coming.. Chuckles.   Anyway… I’m just loving my Christmas cactus…  Here it is starting to bloom

I went out of town for a few days and came back to this

I paid a visit to the town thrift store to see what they had.. and saw a bag of these small ornaments (16)  for $0.50..

and to think Target thought they had a bargain (but I know not)

So, why not add them to the Christmas cactus plant (after all – it kinda makes since being that they’re Christmas balls) like I did with the big dining room plant.


These things are so cheap.. I think I’ll use them in the garden for a bit of whimsical all year long…So I’m headed back to see  if they have any more larger ones…. and if I luck up.. you’ll be the first to know…..  TaTa….

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