For the Love of Gloves

Where are they???    Where are they?????   If those words sound all too familiar when looking for your gloves then this post is definitely a must read..   🙂

The feel of winter has finally arrived…. just when I thought I was going to get away with wearing a coat, hat, gloves, scarf … all  the things to bundle up to keep warm.  Well, I’ve managed to keep myself pretty organized with all the wintry items to have easy access to.  One particular  item I’d like to showcase in this post is the forgotten Glove Box.  Did you know about these?????     I sure didn’t….

It never failed, every year, I’d have to go scrounging around looking for my gloves.. Well a few years ago I decided to purchase of this little box to keep my gloves.. I didn’t know such an item existed until I started perusing antique stores for Victorian items..   Then I found this one made of milk glass.. It was perfect!!  I loved how it was designed..very intricately detailed..

My gloves fit perfectly tucked inside – and at the end of each winter season.. I make sure I tuck them back inside so I can find them again

This box hold three pairs of gloves, but if you’re like me.. I like having several different pairs..  So off I went hunting for another one.. and came across another lovely one..

This one is made of wood covered in embossed paper .. Equally as lovely as the first.  Every year I know exactly where my gloves are..

Having lovely boxes like these really helps keep me organized


So just in case you’re like me… getting one of these boxes just might help you too!

12 thoughts on “For the Love of Gloves

  1. Hi! For some reason, I didn’t get your last two posts sent to me. I just checked the Notify Me of New Posts via Email, so I should get them now. I have a vintage Sunbeam MixMaster and I have a Poodle cover. My Mom had one when we were at home, too. I use it constantly and it works great. I like it better than my sisters’ KitchenAids. When I saw your post, I got a kick out of it because I found someone like myself! And guess what…when I found mine, it came with a green bean slicer attachment (must be for caning) and the juice attachment. I about died. Then I read your post about the glove boxes which I love because I think there are so many beautiful old things that people can use today (instead of a plastic bin) but don’t consider. I spend half of my time, looking for my gloves, the scissors, the cell phone charger, the camera charger and my glasses. I’ve got to work on that. Thanks for two terrific posts.

    • Hi Ginene! So glad to hear that.. yes, i’m so happy about that mixer..i dubbed it as my cadillac mixer because it purrs like a kitten 🙂 and you’re right.. kitchen aid don’t have nothing over this baby. I know you and I will get plenty enjoyment out of them..

  2. As old as I am, I don’t remember glove boxes. I know that’s what we used to call the thing in the car where there are no gloves but lots and lots of napkins from fast food joints. 🙂 I LOVE the idea of a special and pretty box for glove storage, though! I have lots of pairs of gloves (wouldn’t ya know it? Can you spell h-o-a-r-d-e-r?), but keep them all in a drawer in my dressing room. I’d MUCH rather have them in pretty storage boxes around the room! I’ll keep an eye out when I visit thrift stores or go to estate sales. We live within a mile of a retirement community called John Knox Village. Sad to say there are estate sales going on there all the time. It’s a pretty pricey place to live, so I’m guessing many of the ladies are of a refined nature enough to have possibly possessed one or two glove boxes.

    Thanks for the education and the tip!

    • Hey Alycia, chuckles.. too funny.. I hope you find one.. You know you should be hitting up those estate sales.. too bad I didn’t live near you.. they’d think I live there cause I’d be there so much… chuckles..

  3. Vintage Girl. Happy New a Year. Thank you for educating us. The glove box is awesome. “A place for everything and everything in its place”. Love the Sunbeam mixer, awesome find. We all need to reuse and refurbish more in 2014.
    Thanks for keeping us in the mix. We all love you.

  4. This is just lovely! I love that era when ladies “dressed” with gloves. It was so “haute couture”. Especially in the 1950’s. I would love to dress like that now, but people would think I lost my mind. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. I love it. Those glove boxes are beautiful. Good eye….way to go. Love that vignette. The glove box, pitcher vase, flowers, and table…Beautiful!

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