Darling Little Boxes

If you’re like me.. I tend to carry a few Advils in my purse.. cause I never know who’s gonna give me a headache.. chuckles.   Well this post is to show you how to carry them in style.. Vintage Style – that is…  Ode to the loveable pill box…  I just adore carrying this little darling in my purse.. and when someone needs a pill and they see me pull that classy little box out my purse… Ohhhh how excited they get when they see it..  🙂  Saying little compliments like “aren’t you all fancy-smancy with the pills..”  and my simple response is  (in my playfully coy tongue)  … “Don’t hate” – smile followed by….chuckles….   Let me show you my darling little boxes – one is a pill box and the other – unbelievable – but guess what..  A contact lens case… (Those Vintage ladies had the best accessories).  Pill boxes and lens cases nowadays are just hard plastic with no class  or finesse about them..  smh.. oh well .. I got mine and I’m happy about that..

Aren’t they darling?  All jeweled out looking fancy-smancy.. and take a look inside…. fully equipped for the necessary items

                   Of course there’s a mirror inside the case to use when taking out the lens    They thought of everything.

Now, say I’m laying in bed and need my pills, well this little beauty sits on my nightstand..


When you open the case the pills are stored inside the lid bottom with a little cover marked “pills”.  Also, you notice there’s no glass to take the pill …well-  no need because this is a “two-in-one”.. a pill box and a cup… (I know you’re trying to figure it out.. but look close….. it rises…

How neat is that…. !!!!

     Then collapses back down when you’re all done   

Who’d ever thought that taking pills and removing contact lens could be so classy….It’s just little things like this that makes me appreciate the finer things in life   🙂  and it’s simply- as always…… VivaLaVintage!!!      Ciao!

ps…. If you care to purchase your little “touch of class” pill box, let me know.. I’m sure Pieces of Time can accommodate your desire..

6 thoughts on “Darling Little Boxes

  1. Here’s my take on it: If we have to be sick and blind, why not be sick and blind in high style? 🙂 You GO, girl! That’s the way to do it! I’m with you all the way! I even still carry old-fashioned hankies in my purse (in addition to Kleenex because, let’s face it, who wants to blow a huge noogie off into a perfectly beautiful hankie?) as well as a cloth fan for when my “personal summers” act up. We are ladies, and I am totally of the belief that the contents of our handbags should reflect that! Hooray YOU!!!!!

  2. Lovvvvvve it! Too cute my darling. Yes it is fancy-smancy!! I want one and I’ll have to practice getting the pills out with my pinky up! I’m so glad you are bringing “dainty” back into the forefront of what makes us ladies. Sometimes we get too busy with life and forget about the little things that makes us feminine. Love it!

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