Goodwill Hunting

Hey there… yes.. Goodwill Hunting- and not the movie… 🙂   .. I paid a visit to see if my $2.00 Tuesday Fairy has left a goodie for me under my pillow   …. (yes I remember the days of the toothfairy so now she’s my $2.00 Fairy – cause that’s how much we use to get for a tooth..)  Thank you Daddy (r.i.p) … OK  moving right along… but yes, she struck again.  After being well acclimated in my new office space the one thing I was missing and realized I needed was a wastebasket.  Brand new ones were overpriced.. I mean really you see my office.. I don’t think I need to make a fashion statement in there..  but at Target I found these.. Prices range from $9.99 to $14.99

Well I found this one at Goodwill  –  Yes it was $2.00  (starting the new year off right)


A Martha Stewart wastebasket… sure it’s got some bruises .. but that’s ok… It’s sturdy, not torn or falling apart..   but it’s not staying this way… (you know me – Spray Paint to the rescue)


But you know wandering eyes just couldn’t stop at this.. I had to keep looking – just to see.. (thank God hubby wasn’t with me.. because he’d say  ..”ok – you got what you’re looking for – let’s go” .  Well – like I said in the title of this post.. Goodwill Hunting.. I found all these items there too!!!


Battery-operated candles were definitely a steal of a deal.. for $0.75 for this one

and for the pair of the olive green trees were $2.50 (OH MY GOD!! they smell soooo good – I can’t wait to get batteries..)


Much needed picture frames..  the glass (for someone who’s got a birthday coming  🙂 – and a gardener can ALWAYS use watering can

goodwill7 goodwill9

The pillows… can’t pass those up.. for $2.00 each.. (besides.. didn’t Pantone say the new color this year is Orchid.. chuckles..)


All in all…. I will definitely say it was a good “GOODWILL Hunting”

My total spent …   $14.25  –

now it’s time for me to get busy working on that wastebasket.. I’ll see you soon to show you how I incorporate my new goodies around the house..


14 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting

  1. Have you ever tried to make the tissue paper vases using the glass vases? I tore tissue paper in pieces and used modge podge they turned out really cute. They really look better using 2-3 colors.

  2. Definitely found some great steals! Don’t know where I would be without thrifting! I recently bought 2 tufted barrel back chairs made by Henredon!! in excellent condition-both for $50.
    I was doing the happy dance!

  3. Ok, I’m starting to think it’s worth a plane ticket up there to go goodwill hunting with you. Really good find on the wastebasket. Can’t wait to see the finished products.

  4. Good goin’! And you should know by now NEVER to have the hubs with you when you’re shopping! They just harsh your shopping mellow! 🙂

    I took your lead the other day and stopped into 4 different thrift stores in our general area. I found a great metate – a really BIG one! – for just $6. I had recently priced a similar one at World Market for about $30, so I figured this was a bargain. I found lots of dishes, but opted to let them stay. You’ve seen my “stash.” Don’t need another dish up in here! 🙂

    • Good for you Alycia!!! I see you’ve been bitten by the thrift-bug..chuckles… and yes.. you’re right.. dishes are the last thing you’ll ever need.. but I’m happy to hear you found something.. continue to share your finds – you know how I love hearing about them.. If you like..send pics and I can share on my blog.. 🙂

  5. I enjoy hearing about your thrift store finds and your $2 Tuesday. Items at our local Thrift Store are sort of high priced…for a Thrift Store. I am ready for yard/garage sales to start.

    • Thanks glad you’re enjoying the $2.00 posts..(I tend to wonder if readers are liking it – so I’m really happy to hear this from you). So sorry to hear the thrift stores aren’t so price “thrifty” in your area 🙁 that’s too bad.. I hate it when thrift stores are overpriced.. they take all the fun away.. Well hopefully you’ll have great luck at the yard sales.. keep me posted on your finds – I love to hear about it

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