Box to Bed

It’s your Thrifty Girl here again to share with you a freebie re-purpose….Remember my visit to Costco a couple weeks ago..   You know the big boxes they provide to pack your items in.. well I’ve been saving the two I brought home… (can you say “hoarder”- because that’s what my son said when I told him to keep them)  chuckles…

I had a re-purpose in mind… Little Ms. KoKo needs a bed..  She’s been sleeping on a pillow on the floor (with covers of course)   but I figure I’d give her her very own bed….

Here’s the box before…(excuse the paint swatch.. just testing to see if paint would adhere to the box)

I chose a color that would match the family room sofa (since it’s going to be in that room)..  It’s a bronze hammered spray paint.  So..let the spraying begin!  Then I added a few little crystals (given to me from my neighbor/friend Cassie) for a touch of bling.  Afterwards,  I covered her pillow in a hot pink fleece fabric (scraps given to me from my one of my besties – Sylvia  – our local seamstress).     Here is my finished product of KoKo’s bed.

Pretty Cool – huh?

The paint on the box almost has a suede effect

Here comes Ms. Koko to check out her new crib..


By George – I think she likes it!!!


Her box looks pretty cool here in the family room..


A freebie upscale  to satisfy the little lady


Freebies are so much better….   now I’ve got to get busy with the other box… which is going in my bedroom.. So – in my Terminator voice – “I’ll be back ”    🙂

6 thoughts on “Box to Bed

  1. Now I’ve seen this project from the beginning, just a regular box sitting in the den. I thought the box was going to be thrown out, but when I learned that the plan was to take it from a box to queen bed for Ms. KoKo, I couldn’t even imagine that it would be so fabulous! This is pure talent Jamala, a God given talent. GREAT job on this project. Now my question is, can you do something with my bed and make it fabulous too…, but I’m serious? 😉

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