A Lovely Day

Hello everyone!   I hope your weekend weather was as beautiful as it was here in South Carolina.  This weekend was just simply BEEE-UUU-TI-FUL! It forced you to go outside, love mother nature and simply be happy to be alive.   That’s the feeling your thrifty girl had both days.   I had to take advantage of the perfect weather and began weeding the flower beds…I really should have prepped my back for this.. I’m soooo like out of shape for this kid of work.. Over the winter you actually forget how much labor is involved in yard work.   Headed out to Lowes on a mission to get deck stain, brush etc.. because it was time to stain the deck and passed 5 – yes- 5 yard sales.. I couldn’t stop on the way, because I needed to get to Lowes and get back.  Well on the way home I HAD to stop.. the temptation got the best of me.  I stopped at two of them and spent $11.00.  I bought another chandelier for my brother’s house  – never used for- for $10.00 and this pair of wrought iron candle holders for $1.00.  (I’ll show you the chandelier on my Friday Finds post)

I started with this part of yard.  A few months ago we had the pile of lumber removed and it left this portion of the yard drab (and the soil rich)

I wanted to extend the flower bed down the fence, so I rocked the path.. and began there.  This table needed to be freshened up a bit- okay.. A LOT OF BIT.. chuckles..

I pulled this fire screen out of of storage.. (another Goodwill bargain for $6.00) since I was painting.  

I decided to use it in the garden.  It adds a bit whimsy to the space.  I think I like it.   How about you?


The bed is coming along nicely.  Once I add the remaining plants and mulch, it will look a lot better.

Time to take a break and on the way inside, I happened to notice my pointer finger.. rule #1  use rubber gloves to spray paint, I had a perfectly painted gold  finger nail.  Lucky polish remover worked.

I was very glad I made a pitcher of flavored water (strawberries and lemons) .. It was quite refreshing after being in the sun a few hours

I’ve made some progress but still have quite a bit to do.  Little by little I’ll be finished and back to relaxing  in my “Chill-Out” Rest Haven

Sooo.. how was your weekend?

7 thoughts on “A Lovely Day

  1. A lovely song, a lovely day, a lovely garden….and most of all by a lovely person! Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. Hi Kim,
    I hope you are barbecuing or doing something else relaxing with the family this weekend. I’m doing something I’ve never done before…closing the shop and going to two vintage sales. Not because I’m anyone’s mother, but because I have to regroup!

  3. Ol’ Bill Whithers! I used to love “Lovely Day” and “Use Me” and “Ain’t No Sunshine”…all such great songs. When “Ain’t No Sunshine” was part of the soundtrack for the Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant movie “Nell Hills”, I think he enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, if only for a fleeting moment. I still have it on my music playlist!

    You were a busy little girl over the weekend! Good for you! You got a great deal on that fireplace screen. I yanked ours out of the fireplace hole a few years back because I hated the color. Tossed it on the trash pile. Had no idea at the time that I could have painted it with heat resistant paint. Now I’m searching for one at a decent price. Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!!! So stupid of me! We can feel that chilly air blow through in the winter, so I need to get that hole filled in before year’s end.

    You’d be proud of me today. I actually spray painted something! It was a very small monogram (about 12″ x 12″), but it was a start! I’m thinking of doing a couple of tall finials tomorrow….maybe! 😉

    In case I don’t get a chance to say it later, I want to wish you and yours a very safe, loving and happy Mother’s Day weekend!

    • Hey Alycia!! I’ve not heard of that movie..If Bill’s song is playing in there, then it must be good..This one happens to be my extreme favorite along with Grandma’s hands. The firescreen was something I toyed with and figured I’d give it a try.. I kinda like it there, but I’ll see after I mulch the area. You’re right..I’m proud of you.. it’s amazing what spray paint can do to an object.. careful, you might get hooked – like me.. And of course I’m wishing you a VERY HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY weekend too!! Enjoy doing what ever you heart desires

  4. The blue table is so pretty in the garden and adds height before plants have grown tall. I never would have thought of painting a fireplace screen, that’s one of the reasons I love your blog. You stretch my imagination!

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