Friday Finds #2

Hey there! It’s Friday and I have a 3-day weekend – so you know I’m HAPPPYY!! Clap along if you feel like that’s what you want to do! Hey!

Chuckles.. just thought I’d throw that in – so you catch my drift..

Today’s Friday Finds were not found by me but by a friend.  I was visiting my friend Elizabeth Claytor who owns a Bed & Breakfast in Chester, SC.  I love her big historic home.  You can view the lovely Inn Upon Moon River Plantation Bed & Breakfast  here, and if you ever plan to visit SC, by all means this is the perfect place to stay.  Elizabeth and husband David are the best hosts and you feel the warmth of their home and personality soon as you enter.  Elizabeth is another thrifty shopper like myself.   She made a few changes since the last time I had visited her and when I complimented her that’s when she told me about her great finds.. I think she has me beat!!   Take a look at her Fab Finds –

She stopped at the Goodwill Outlet (I never knew Goodwill had an outlet) in Charlotte.. and that’s where she found her excellent finds.. So get ready to say OMG!!

She found this chair.. (as is).. for $2.00  LOL.. I just couldn’t believe it…WHATTTTT!!!!  She YES!!!!  $2.00 whole dollars..


Really!!! look at this chair…  $2.00 — smh…



Then she found this entertainment cabinet for $4.00  — GeeezzzzLouise—- I’m floored… WOW!!! Is  all I could say….


For $4.00  … heck I’d like the natural wood look too!


Then she found this  storage chest for another whopping $2.00…!!!!! All in one visit..    I was completely flabbergasted over her FAB Finds..  I think she just put me to shame..  But boy do I LOVE IT!!!    Like I said.. it’s the thrill of  hunt!

All three pieces ithis picture was a total of $8.00 .. Can you scream WOW!!!!!!!!!!      Like I did!

As they say birds of a feather flock together.. I met Elizabeth at my garage sale.  She was passing through town and stopped because she heard my blues music playing (I always play music during yard sales for my shoppers pleasures.. music and shopping is very therapeutic) and we began talking.  She asked to tour my house which I was happy to oblige and she loved it.  She began telling me all about her blues themed Bed & Breakfast in Chester and I got so excited – I went there and it’s been a wonderful friendship ever since..  I love those guys… .

P.S  If you ever want to plan a getaway to perfect small town big on southern hospitality – visit Chester and stay at the Moon River Bed & Breakfast… Tell them Jamala sent you  :-)…   (let me know and I’ll stop in to say hello, too)

And as David always  “Peace”

I hope all of you have an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Friday Finds #2

  1. Your friend found some really nice things. I can’t believe how inexpensive everything was. The Goodwill in my area can be a little overpriced. She found some gems! Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  2. What amazing finds. It is hard to go wrong with prices like that! I’ve never heard of a Goodwill outlet, either.

    I love how you became friends with someone shopping your garage sale. So fun!

  3. I just looked at Moon River Bed and Breakfast and this is their ‘to-go” breakfast if a guest is off on an adventure: “Marti’s signature homemade buttermilk biscuits apple butter or bourbon jelly with a travel cup of coffee to go!” I think I want that for breakfast for the rest of my life.

    • Wait a minute, that place is in Kentucky. There is more than one Moon River B&B. Well, I think you’d better tell the Chester Moon River about the Kentucky Moon River to-go breakfast. Yikes, that sounds good.

  4. OK…she wins the prize!!! UNBELIEVABLE buys!!!! I’m feelin’ pretty happy for her! So much so that I had to go ahead and put “Happy” on the to bob my head for a few minutes! 🙂 I’m just hopin’ that “room without a roof” thing doesn’t happen here this weekend with the expected bad weather!!! 🙂

  5. I’m like you all I can say is WOW! Designers I use to work with always traveled to Charlotte find great deals on furniture. Agreed, you can’t beat it no matter how! Her Bed and Breakfast sounds and looks charming!!

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