Break Time

Hey Guys, it’s been a minute since hearing from me.  I took a break to play catch-up with a few things I needed to take care of.  Today I decided to say “Hi” and remember me (smiles)..  One chore I had, had, had to take care of was cleaning out my fridge.  I always dread this chore because I have to take out the glass shelving (which is a pain in the you know “what”).  There was spill and needless to say – time to get it done.  I purchased  some large placemats from Goodwill a while back for $1.00 and decided to use them on the shelves therefore, if there’s another spill – just simply take out the mat – wipe it down and replace.  Makes my job easier.   I even like the tropical color it adds to the fridge.


I had some leftover so I decided to use them on my herbal cart too – to add a bit of extra protection from the rain

I found these cute little tags at Michael’s and used them for the herbal pots ( I have to get more)

Our town had a Mother’s Day Sale and I set up a table to sell a few things (which wasn’t a big success).  Trying to offer something unique and different, I was hopeful the candle wick dippers would sell.  As the old saying goes -If I was paid for every compliment, I’d be rich 🙁

The Wick Dippers were hand-cafted by LindaG of A Perfect Day to Dream.  These exquisite one of kind pieces sell for $10.00.  It is a perfect elegant accessory for candle lovers.  You can view the collection along with the Bohemian Butterfly Suncatchers on her site  If you’d like to order one for yourself or as a gift, feel free to contact me or LindaG.

Aren’t they beautiful!!!

By using these, save your breath and there’s no smoke after putting the candle out.

Then I had the house power washed.. The dark stains on the porch were nerve wrecking.

It really made a difference –  looks a lot brighter.

(I’ll re-arrange it later.. I ordered a pretty rug to brighten up the space).  I’m changing the door color and I’ve narrowed my search to these two colors.  I’m pushing closer to the darker teal.  I’m feeling that color alot.  (Decisions, decisions)  Luckily I’ll only need a quart so if I don’t like it.. just move on to another color.  (What’s your opinion?)

The deck was finally stained.  I was nervous about the dark color but I actually like it.  I’ll be working on decorating it in the next few weeks.  I’m excited about that.  One thing for sure is – it’s going to be colorful!

I planted more flowers in the blank corner of the garden.  This week I’ll put mulch down and it’s finished.  This is the space before:

I filled in these pots and took them from this

To this:


And in the midst of all this, I’m slowly getting my Chill-Out Rest Haven together.  I  can’t wait to sit back, relax and enjoy the summer.,

Lastly, I still want to show you my brother’s house.  It’s coming quite nice and he’s getting excited to be moving in there.

I also used this down time to blog search, catch up with email and find other inspiring pictures which I will soon share.   So, what have you been up too?

11 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Love the place mat idea in the fridge. Such a great idea. Remember when the fridges had metal shelves and everyone complained then we got glass ones and we all were so happy. Until we realized it showed every little thing that use to fall through those wire shelves lol.

  2. Placemats in the fridge!….You are definitely on to something! Perfect idea. I’m going to line the door shelves too. When I told my husband what I’m going to do, he said “you ladies have too much time on your hands”. I told him, “NO that’s the problem there isn’t enough time”. LOL.
    Sorry to hear that the yard sale did not turn out as you wished. Thanks for the shout-out, But just to let you know I’m not taking orders or selling any, but the tutorials are still on my blog.
    Can’t wait to see your colorful deck! Looking good.
    Keep your great ideas coming…..

  3. I am all for a little downtime. It does the mind good to disconnect a bit. I love the herbal pot tags that you bought from Michaels. So nice. I also love what you did in the flower pot. Suuper cute. I also like the deep teal color for your door. It provides a great contrast to your home paint color. I cannot wait to see what you do with your deck. I love dark stain and with all the color you are planning, I am sure it will look great!

  4. Place mats in the fridge is such a clever idea. I’ve seen those fridge coasters for sale and they are so expensive. I like your idea much better! Lots of projects going on! Can’t wait to see your deck all decked out! LOL!!!

  5. Hi Kim,
    I really like your red door and Alycia is so right on about Christmas, Autumn and Patriotic decorations…everything goes with red, though I like both of the colors you are thinking about. I painted my back door red and everyone comments on it to this day. Your brother brick bungalow is sweet! You are going to have so much fun decorating that house. It has a great porch to decorate, too. He is a lucky guy to have such a loving sister!

    • Hey Ginene, thanks dear. I’m just wanting a new color to change the look. I’m hoping it’s going to look great – we’ll see. Yes, my brother is most ap[reciative for my help, but I dare ot help, because he halped me with soooo many of my projects. Helping him is the lease I could do. I’ll keep you posted on his house project.

  6. Hi, Jamala! I hope you’re enjoying your time off! We all need it on occasion to stay sane…or semi-sane…or at least at a level where rubber rooms and long-sleeved jackets aren’t required! 🙂

    I just pinned AND posted to Facebook the idea for the placemats in the fridge!!! I am SO doing this ASAP!!! It would make my life about a billion times easier and keep the fridge pristine. I’m much more likely to want to just pull out some placemats than to tackle those doggone glass shelves!!! I’m going to tag my Mom and a couple of friends to they’re sure to see it. Such a great idea!!!

    I’m sorry the Mother’s Day Sale didn’t go as well as you would have liked. I’ve been there, done that. It’s not a good feeling, but I cheer myself up by telling myself all those people must be the walking brain dead. 🙂

    I’m glad your brother’s house is shaping up for him!!! I know he’s going to be so happy when he can move in and start making it a home. I’m rootin’ for him!

    As for your door color, keep in mind what you like to have out there. For instance, we always, always, always fly the American flag in front. When we had the house painted white (and the shutters painted black) last year (finally!!!…I was so tired of that dreary brown!), I decided on a cherry red door. It’s the universal sign of welcome, it would always go with the flag, and it would work really well for at least 3 of the 4 seasons. (Red really doesn’t work with the pastels of Spring, but that’s OK…I have a plain grapevine wreath with our monogram in the center in the Spring.) Plus, I could stop agonizing over what color flowers to put out front!!! Our home now has a very stately look and it looks bigger, too. So…just keep in mind what you like to keep out front and how the color you pick will affect decorating…especially Christmas and Thanksgiving!!! That’s my 2 cents! 🙂

    Your back deck is rockin’!!! I can imagine you’ll be spending quite a bit of time out there this summer! I need to get our deck furniture de-rusted (is that even a word??!?!), painted and set back up on the deck. I’ll work on that later this week.

    Sitting here listening to some old school music and waiting for Ramon to get home for work to try out my newly invented dinner. If you don’t hear from me, you’ll know it killed us!!! 🙂 Have a great week!!!!!!

    • Chuckles.. Alycia, you’re too funny.. Thanks so much for the 50 cents advice- it was worth way more than 2 cents. You gave me something to think about.. I’m just tired of the dusty reddish/gray look. It’s all over down here.. I’m going to have the shutters repainted too (the color of the deck stain is what I’m shooting for) so I have my fingers crossed. I’m going to try the darker teal color to see how it looks. I’ve been drawn to that color for a while. My husband is of no use..When I ask his opinion, he shrugs his shoulders and say “it don’t matter to me” until it comes ugly the he’ll say “why you pick that color – it’s ugly. But believe me, you all will see for the feedback (I’ll make sure I’ll have on my tough ski that day).. and btw.. no it’s your deck that’s Rockin! Mine is still a work in progress.

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