A Quick Fix

It was a hot, hot, hot day and I decided to work on this “whatever thingy”  I  found a while ago.  It was a dumpster dive found item.  I’m guessing it was once a bar stool –  what do you think??


I figure…why let it go to the dumpster.. ???  It’s got good bones so I’ll give it a new look..  simple, quick & cheap.  So here it is with a new look as a new function.   Ohhhh the power of paint!!!!

Pretty simple and now I have another plant stand (for now)… Who knows what it will be later.. I love the triangular shape of the legs.   The tips received a dip in gold.

After painting it I added a pretty tile for the topper.  It’s not grouted yet. I found the tile at Lowe’s on the clearance rack for $2.50.  It was pretty enough to use.  I may grout it later, I just didn’t want to buy any grout for this small project and it sits around collecting dust – never to be used again.  But, in the mean time.. It’ll do just fine like this.


I’m sprucing up my porch and it sits perfect in the corner


I’m glad it didn’t make it to the dump. :).    Have you saved anything from the dumpster pile lately?  If so, share your story.  Until next time.. See Ya!

4 thoughts on “A Quick Fix

  1. Once again you 1000% amaze me!!! I’m questioning everything I’ve ever thrown away now!!! What a great idea to use those tiles like that! I don’t think I would have figured that one out in a million years!!!

    Dipping the feet in gold paint was a good design move. It really adds to the character of the piece. Well done!

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