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My oldest son, Jamil, has officially moved into his new apartment and I’ve been searching for items for his bachelor pad.   As I reflect back on how time flies, he’s grown and on his own, a part of me was saddened, but the other part was happy.  He’s all excited about it and truth be told – I’m excited for him.

I’ve been challenged not to use “antiques”  chuckles..Oh boy ..  here we go… Jamil said “Mommy – no antiques..” okay, okay, okay… but it’s all good.. I’m having fun doing his place.  He knows I’m a thrifty shopper, so far I’ve gotten a couple things from a consignment store – like his dinette set – which was half off,  I got it for $198.00.  He loved it, in fact, had to give me a high five on that score.  It was perfect for his place with a contemporary look.

I also found a coffee table at the same place for $32.00 – He even liked that too!!  So now I’m getting a feel for his taste.

He needed something to hang on the wall where his dinette set would be.   I had the perfect item in mind. I’ve had this big round rattan object for the longest and just didn’t do anything with it.  It was given to me by a friend and she didn’t want it anymore.. it was lying around collecting dust.   So, you know I gladly took it..I knew eventually I’d use it for something..(that’s part of my hoarder syndrome 🙂  .

I really like how it was made  – it would make a really nice wall hanging.

So, I decided to make a mirror for him.  I bought a plain round mirror from Michael’s for $7.99.   To get rid of the “baskety look” I spray painted it a metallic bronze.  Attached the mirror with hot glue and edged it off with twine.  So here’s his finished mirror.


I’m liking it alot and since I’m so excited to show you.. I decided to hang it on a wall at my house to let you see it   🙂



I was contemplating adding a few feathers on it (you know  how I love my feathers).. but I had to keep in mind (it’s for a guy) so I left them off (but boy – oh boy- was I tempted.

I’m like… hmmmmm… hey should I pass this up????  Chuckles..  I told him.. “I think you might be beat – because I’m digging it”  He laughed and said “Oh really” but of course I’m going to give it to him..  I can’t wait to see it hung at his place.  I’ll be showing you his “pad” in a few weeks.    I miss having him around, but when I go to see him, it makes me smile.

I hope you guys like the mirror I created.. He hasn’t seen it yet, so I hope he does too..    See ya!  Have a great weekend!!




14 thoughts on “JMillz Place

  1. Hi there! I’ve been MIA all weekend up until now with all kinds of stuff. Glad to see this, though, because you are really TCBing!!! I know it’s hard to watch the “little ones” leave the nest, but there’s some comfort in helping them to set up housekeeping in a place of their own. You got some really great stuff (that dinette set is unbelievable!!!), and the contemporary styling will fit right in with a young man. As for that mirror…you really did the deed on that one, girl! A mirror! Who’d have thought??!?!??! It looks really great, and you should sign the inside of it! 🙂

    Very handsome young man. I wish him all the best, and I wish you much peace with his decision to fly on his own. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. Niiice! Great pic of you and Jamil. Love your mirror. opps, His mirror. Like the way you trimmed it too. Nice that he wants you to help him decorate his pad. Great finds.

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