Italian Chicken Cutlets

If you love a good chicken cutlet sandwich, dressed with crisp lettuce and a slices of a ripe juicy tomato, then click here to try this flavorful recipe.






3 thoughts on “Italian Chicken Cutlets

  1. I don’t think we have that Dean & Jacobs seasoning here in the Kansas City area. I’ve seen it pop up in several recipes. I love spicy, so I’ll keep an eye open for it around here. Different grocery stores carry different products, so I may have just not been to the “right” store yet. A spicy chicken sandwich makes a great lunch!!!

    • Hey Alycia, I found it at Home Goods, but that’s a hit it miss.. But I shared the link where you can purchase it online.. I order online. I truly love this season.. I believe it’ll be one you want to keep in your cabinet..

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