Ugly April Challenge

Spring has sprung – yayyyy!  Getting the yard together is almost finished then I can sit back and relax and enjoy chilling in my Rest Haven.  I began to clean out my garage for two reasons: 1 – to find something that needed a makeover and 2- the 2nd annual 49-mile Yard Sale is coming.  Everyone is getting excited about.  You can learn more about the sale by visiting the website here.  When Serena at Thrift Diving announced the Ugly April Challenge I was determined to find something to make over (without buying).  If you live in the south -I believe you’ll find one of these on lots of porches or lurking around in backyards.  Well I found mine and dug it about a much needed makeover.. Yikes.. this chair is totally yucky :-/


Yea pretty bad!!  I also found this retro ashtray too!  Completely rusted just like the chair.

These two pieces will come in handy, because when I’m out working in the yard, I like having a couple of squatting zones. instead of walking back to the gazebo for a quick rest.  After sanding and sanding and sanding.. I got the surface as smooth as I can.. especially the seat part.  I decided to use some colors that will brighten up the space.  I used Rustoleum Pistacchio on the chair and Rustoleum Coral on the ashtray.   They look so much better now!  Retro Back To Life!!

Don’t you agree??

metal chair4

OooLaLa.. so refreshing with their new look!  The metallic gold handle gave it a glamour touch

Glad Serena did the Ugly April Challenge, because these may have sat out another year…

On to the next!!   Tah Tah Lovies!

8 thoughts on “Ugly April Challenge

  1. There’s all kinds of treasures in your walls! We were considering new patio furniture and looked at a metal bistro set. One chair alone similar to yours was close to $100. Love the colors.

    • Hey Linda, yea, I’ve got a few more rabbits to pull out the hat – LOL.. and I can’t believe the replicas cost so much.. I got that a few years back when I first moved south.. and it was a steal.. the old man had it in his yard and was getting rid of stuff.. I know I didn’t cost me over 10 bucks.. (I got lucky once again)

  2. I love those chairs. Yours looks like a bouncy one and those are my all time favorites. They are so much work to redo, but when you are done, you have a quality piece. It won’t blow away in a storm and they dry quickly after a rain. I think the older they are, the heavier. I like these things done in modern colors that become a pretty addition to the garden. The coral ashtray stand is so 1930s. I was wondering if a lucky bird or two might like to take a little bath in it if you found a low dish. Wonder if a planter saucer would be the right size. Cute as a plant stand, too.

    • Ginene – you guessed correctly.. it is the bouncy one. It’s heavy and heck and very sturdy. I need to invest in a hand sander, because my fingers were getting very tired, but I used the strongest grade of sand paper and it got most of the rust off..It was tough around the bottom part, but I did pretty good. Thanks for the ashtray suggestion.. I’m looking for the little glass holder that would accommodate it much better..(keep your eyes out for me). but using as planter would be a pretty good idea.. Thanks again and glad you like them.

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