Monday Makeover

While most bloggers are gearing up for fall new looks and colors… I’m still holding on to summer like a kid kicking and screaming “Don’t go” – grabbing on his mommy’s leg when she’s leaving…lol..

I can’t help it.. I love summer..  So I’m sharing, I guess, my final makeover for the garden.  I found these mirrors at a yard sale for $5.00ea.  I had no idea what I was going to use them for when I bought them, but I figure, at $10.00 bucks – I’ll find something.  They were sturdy mirrors made of some type of hard plastic and quite heavy.  I left them outside for a few days (not intentionally – during heavy rainstorms and saw they withheld it) so that’s when it hit me… They could be my outdoor mirrors.  I’ve been wanting a mirror in the garden, but outdoor mirrors are so expensive (WHY?????)  Here are the pair of mirrors – I really liked the scrolling on top but the color…YIKES!! talk about ugly… blah….


So with my trusty paint can in hand.. I gave them a new look…


I know it’s not a fall color – but I don’t care.. I love the summer look.. and besides.. it’s still 90’s here and I’m loving it.. even though the leaves are beginning to fall.. (I’m dreading it..)… but anyway, I’m just going to enjoy my mirrors in the garden for the next few weeks..

For a whimsical touch, I used Martha Stewart’s gold paint to outline the scroll detail.

Pretty huh??

I may not keep it here, but I do like how it goes with the bistro set (and it blocks the view of the dead tree). I’ll worry more about that next summer, but at least I have my outdoor mirrors. ☺️

To see other mirrors in the garden inspiration .. Check out my Pinterest board and remember to follow along with me pinning away!  Until next time… Tah-tah.. Smooches

5 thoughts on “Monday Makeover

  1. Yes… yes I feel like that baby in the above photo lmao. I am kicking and screaming and hollering. Yes, I may love fall clothes but I don’t care, I don’t want to see a bit of snow this year lol. I need to go down south or something lol. Oh well.. have to brave it. You never know what’s waiting for you during the season. Loving the two-toned color of the mirror as well. Great post.

    Kia / KTS

  2. You are the first blogger who has expressed my feelings about those rushing toward Fall. I want to live in the present and while many folks started writing about Autumn in the early part of August. August is officially summer in my mind and I don’t want to shoot through it without appreciating it. So, thank you for saying that. People were writing, “Where Has the Summer Gone?” before it was gone!
    I think it is amazing how color can transform an object. The mirrors turned from heavy to light in feeling and don’t they look gorgeous with the fabric on your chairs?
    P.S. You could rent a chain saw, I bet, from the local hardware store next year and cut enough of the tree limbs down to make it a stump that you could make into a table or planter.. I’d be afraid to try a chain saw myself…but maybe you know someone whom has used one…

    • Hey Ginene, yes, I stopped looking at them.. whenever I see anyone posting about fall I bypass.. I can’t take it.. Already doing Halloween .. no uh-uh- not me.. I’ll yes those mirrors were dreadfully dull and that spruced them up.. As for the’re probably right about getting a chain saw.. my brother and neighbor cut it down that far.. that’ll be next summer’s project.. 🙂

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