Decanter Crave

                                                                  “Vintage Decanters”


You know me… I’m always on the prowl looking for some new “old” items to collect.  If you follow me on Instagram– you may have seen me share the picture of my latest finds of vintage decanters. I simply love the various styles, shapes and colors they were produced in.   When I ran across these two plum tone decanters I knew I had to have them (not to mention at $15.00 for both – I’d be a fool to have left them)


Of course I had no idea as to where I was going to showcase them in my home, but I found a happy place for them nestled in with the green jungle.


Their shape has a bit of a Moroccan flair and felt they’d blend perfectly with Grace.  Now I’m sure you’ve seen these around, maybe at an aunt’s house or your grandmother’s home, tucked somewhere like in the bathroom, well they’ve made their way back into the decorator’s world and ready to be showcased.

Different designs and style, such as this Italian bubble glass decanter, adds color and texture to a room’s decor


Styled on the etagere you can see the pop of color.  This style is known as the genie bottle


They add pops of color all around your space without costing a fortune.

While thrifting I came across this stunning glassware


Here’s a beautiful handcrafted decanter by Bischoff – which is an American glass company manufacturer



Blenko Glass Company  is another American manufacturer of colored glass.

I used a similar piece to add color on the bar cart


Designers such as, Jonathan Adler remakes his version, which are equally beautiful

Have you ever thought about having couple of these nostalgic beauties around the house?


To find them hit your local estate sales, garage sales thrift stores and if  you didn’t luck up, there’s always Ebay 

If you find any, please share – I’d love to see yours…. Until next time –  “Happy Hunting” while you thrift your house into a home!



10 thoughts on “Decanter Crave

  1. It’s amazing how touches of brick-a-brack adds personality to a space. I have a very similar decantor as your blue bubble pair. Mine is green and I got it from Anthropologie on sale. Good price. I couldn’t pass it up.

  2. Jamala, Those plum bottles are fabulous. I have another friend on line that collect Blenko and she lives near the factory. But, the knock out are the green ones to my eye. The one on the bar cart is smashing! You might need another bar cart because I think a bar cart filled with the colored glass would be stunning next to a fireplace, window or even near a lamp at night…like a stained glass window that is mobile.

  3. They are all just Beautiful. So nice that you have them showcased nestled with your plants. Love that! I am in awe of your plants and étagère. I had a beautiful orange decanter and I dropped it trying to step over the my beloved dog who is always at my feet!!! Glad you posted this, Now I’m on the hunt for another. :-).

    • Thanks Linda! (awww it’s too bad you dropped it)… I’m glad it sparked your excitement to look for another.. Good luck.. and I’ll also keep my eyes open on one for you as well.. As for the plants.. I consider myself lucky..they are really doing well.

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