At the Big Grab


Last Saturday was that time of year again to go hunting at the annual Big Grab Yard Sale.  If you remember the goodies I got last year, well I was on the hunt to find more this year.  I know you’re probably saying “what is she going to do with all that “STUFF”?”  right.. it beats the heck outta me.. who knows.. (I’m an addict remember..).. besides this time I had an excellent reason.. I’m shopping for my son’s home -insert big smiley face  🙂

So.. moving right along.. first let me say it was Blazzzzin’ out there.. just like it was in June at the I2I Yard Sale..but we persevered through it.  My first stop in Winnsboro I spotted this mid-century table and chairs set.. It looked like it came straight out of a MadMen episode.  I was smitten with the chairs  (the table I could care less about) but those chairs.. WOW!  and they were in excellent condition – only problem, not my choice of color. But for $40.00 for the whole set.. it instantly became my choice of – (crazy cool ! right!!)


We can check dining room furniture off the list.  I already have a tulip table and he was taking it but we needed chairs.. so this is the look I’m headed for (except his table is glass top)


For his home’s decor it’s going to a mixture of new and vintage.. (not one piece antiquey (as he calls it) looking.  So hopefully this look will work well for him – I can’t wait to start decorating.

As we moved along down the block I spotted this gorgeous mirror.. $40.00 (smh – it took every ounce of my being NOT to get it) because I don’t need another mirror and this is not for him.


I’ll bend over so you can kick me in the butt later.. trust me.. Ok.. so I did come across this set of sandwich trays.. (I have a hidden fettish for these things..- like for real, I already have 2 sets) but for $3.00 I had to get them.. after all I don’t have this shape..


Further down the block.. was this “to die for” Peacock rattan chair.. The Boho Queen of Chairs..  I need a bigger house- just to dedicate a room for this chair.  The asking price for this baby.. $75.00 ( and a damn good price at that!!!)


For some relief, we popped inside a shop and I spotted this budoir chair.. I do like the shape of this kitten.. and it swivels.  It’s asking price – $40.00


This lamp was another item that caught my eye.. I loved the details of the pattern.. and it was $25.00


Another lamp I spied was this vintage glam-amour lamp.. I love how the swirled base seems to cradle the mid-section – kinda sexy to me..


and on the way out the door I saw this silver-leafed contemporary mirror.  Perfect for a bachelor pad – and for $20.00 – Bingo!


Stepped outside again and came across this coffee table… Not bad looking – nice straight lines.. kinda masculine..Although it had a faint inlay pattern I could see painting it.  It was marked $22.00 but honestly speaking..I thought about it.  As I was walking away, the lady said ignore the tags – any price you name it’s sold.. I just said $5.00 to test her offer and she said “SOLD” take it.. Well alrighty now..she called my bluff.. So – I got a coffee table for $5.00


Next shop we popped in I salivated over this beauty.. but – it wasn’t for sale.. DRATS, DRATS and Double DRATS!! I was totally digging this


Buuuuut!!!! Look what I found next door!!!!  Kick my heels up – an Italian brass swan table–by far it was a steal of a deal at $25.00


I have another fettish for swans ( I know what you’re saying … another one????) But my Gosh.. how lucky can I get.. these babies are expensive as heck (see here).  Never under estimate the look of the store.  I’ve found some of my best deals and the crummiest, down-trodden places and this was one of them, and the stuff they had outside and inside was a thrifter’s delight.   Came across a parking lot full of vendors and spotted this vintage rattan kitchen set for sale – It had all four chairs – but the seller was sitting in the other one.. (didn’t need it for the picture).  This set was in very good condition – just needed cleaning, change the seat cushion fabric and a hit the legs with some gold paint and it’ll be all spiffy again.  Guess how much ??  $30.00 –  Gosh I wanted this one too.. but… no place to keep it.


And last but not least.. The one  frigging item I’m really regretting and –  here is where I bend over and kick myself in the butt over and over and over again.. I left behind.. the guy wanted $10.00 for it.. Here is where I’m screaming, air kicking and punching myself..


WHHHHHHHYYYYYY was I so stupid.. this really could have been repaired and would have been worth every bit of it.  I’ve been looking for a bench for my foyer to go with the mirror and this was perfect.. I’m still teary eyed over leaving it…

But.. this too shall pass….I’ll find one again.. So I hope you enjoyed reading about my hunt at The Big Grab.  This is a yearly event held in September and for more information visit their website.   Until next time.. Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!!





11 thoughts on “At the Big Grab

  1. I forgive you for having a cheapskate moment but if you ever walk away from a $10 treasure like this ever again, I will send you outside to gather your switch. Great finds. Love it all but that swan table is calling my name!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Swoon. The rattan chair looks like it should be sitting under a veranda of a luxurious beach front home in Jamaica. The mirror is Gorgeous with a capital G. You have quite an eye. I would pass on these items while you see them for the beauty they will become.

  3. Oh, man! I want to go to that. A person could redo their house every year with those great finds and prices. The swan table alone made it worthwhile. And those chairs….I hope he likes the colors because they are very hip, very sophisticated and very in. Catch a copy of any high-end shelter magazine and those chairs, in those colors, could be in a New York loft.

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